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Marketers of Small-Ticket Items to Ramp Up Promotions

Researchers have recently released both good and bad news for marketers. Predicting consumer buying patterns and the marketing changes that businesses should use to spur spending can be challenging. Harris Poll analysts say that consumers are feeling increasingly comfortable about spending money on big-ticket items. But, they’re paying close attention to how little expenses are adding up and they’re being conservative in new ways. This is a signal that some marketers will need to increase promotions to encourage people to buy more or roll out a different suite of products and services to enhance their business.

Consumer Tech Purchases Fuel More Ad Campaigns

U.S. consumers may be holding back when they’re spending on branded grocery items or vacations, but they are showing a huge appetite for technology products, especially ones that give them mobile freedom. This demand for the latest, coolest products is driving big increases in marketer advertising. It’s likely this spending will continue through the end of this year.

Consumer Spending Gradually Rising in the U.S.

Economic analysts proclaimed the end of the Great Recession some time ago, however most U.S. consumers still think we’re in challenging times. A new report from Nielsen shows more consumers believe conditions are improving. But, these consumers are also being careful with how they are spending their cash.

Marketers to Boost Digital Promotions Targeting Hispanics

Hispanic consumers continue to increase as a percentage of the U.S. population and in their purchasing power. It should come as no surprise that advertisers are spending more to reach these consumers. But the recent analysis performed by eMarketer on this sector reveals an interesting detail – marketers are not rushing to increase their digital spending to reach Hispanics.

Millennials as Parents Create New Challenges for Marketers

Marketers have been shifting their advertising strategies in the last decade to reach Millennials, the generation that is accustomed to having things their way. Now that the members of this generation are becoming parents, marketers need to understand how to approach these consumers in a new life stage. According to the Jeff Fromm, co-author of Marketing to Millennials, brands need to stop viewing this group through the ‘prism of youth.’

Hedge Fund Managers to Begin Marketing

The marketing of hedge funds has long been restricted by the federal government, along with cigarettes, liquor and other products that were considered risky for consumers. But, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has lifted the ban on hedge fund advertising recently. Some of these marketers will soon be rolling out ad campaigns.

Financial Services Industry Continues to Lead in Digital Advertising

Some industries have been faster to convert their marketing efforts to digital than others. One of the leading sectors in this realm has been financial services businesses. The US Financial Services Industry 2013: Digital Ad Spending Forecast and Key Trends report from eMarketer details which businesses are spending in specific digital formats this year and projects activity for the future.

Marketers to Spend More on Audience Targeting in 2013

One of the benefits of the big data era is that marketers can engage in more audience targeting. Marketers, agencies and ad networks are sorting out the main types of audience data and learning which formats work best with specific kinds of campaigns. In 2013, marketers are planning to up their spending on the use of data for audience targeting.

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