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CPG Marketers to Use Buyergraphics in Personalized Promotions

Earlier this week, I highlighted an Advertising Age article about the shift in the CPG industry as marketers move resources from traditional to digital ad campaigns. Another study, this one is from Catalina, suggests that a move to general digital isn’t cost efficient for most large food marketers. Catalina’s research shows that marketers are better served by personalizing their promotions based on ‘buyergraphics’.

Beauty Supply Shoppers Relying on Mobile and Video During Research, Purchase

Beauty brands have a chance to find new customers and increase loyalty if they build their online presence. The Digital Beauty Study from Google/Millward Brown reveals that beauty product shoppers rely on online video and mobile devices as they consider various skincare and makeup options. Consumers often engage in multiple research sessions, giving marketers several opportunities to sway opinions and ultimately increase sales.

Marketers Target Book Givers and Receivers During Holidays

As is the case with many other products, book sales tend to spike around the holiday season. Consumers have long been in the habit of giving and receiving books for Christmas and that sentiment extends to Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. Nielsen took an in-depth look at this sector recently and their findings can help marketers position their offerings to maximum advantage this season.

Consumers Rank Email as Top Digital Channel

Marketers are enthralled with the latest digital tools and believe that consumers expect them to be on the leading edge of technology in order to remain relevant. Consumers have a different take on the matter, though. They want to receive messaging that is accurate and relevant and, for many, email is the digital format that best serves these needs. The Marketers Playbook Research Paper from XPlusOne suggests that marketers may want to pay more attention to channels that consumers find valuable.

Marketers Reach Male Millennial Influencers with Humor

Last month, brand loyalists were a big topic of discussion at the ad: tech conference. Analysts emphasized the importance of connecting with these loyalists who were largely described as young women. comScore and CraveOnline have also found that a certain percentage of Millennial men can also be counted as influencers.

Magazines Changing Strategy to Reach Latinas

Latinas are a growing economic force in the U.S. marketplace with control over 86% of the $1.2 trillion spent annually by the Hispanic demographic. Magazine publishers and marketers are spending plenty of time and money focusing on this group. In the past, content and marketing messages have been published in Spanish but as more Latinas are now speaking fluent English, the strategy may need to change.

Tech Advertisers Focus Digital Spending on Mobile, Social and Video

The hyper-growth of the consumer electronics industry during the past two decades has been phenomenal. As is the case in most fast-growing industries, these marketers have been spending heavily on advertising. eMarketer analysts predict that ad spending for big-ticket items like tablets and smartphones will continue at a higher than average rate, along with a noticeable shift toward digital media.

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Real Estate Marketers Spending on Print and Digital

When it comes to buying real estate, buyers are still taking the time to walk through the door of a prospective home and look around in person before they make an offer. But, before they get to that point, these folks are busy researching online. Google studies show that about 90% of consumers are using the Internet to find real estate information. That’s not the only place they look though, so today’s real estate marketers should be considering the whole picture when they put together their ad campaigns for hot properties.

Social Media Provides Marketer Access to Millennials, Business Professionals

Marketers continue to evaluate strategies for their social media investments. As they do so, they might want to review the survey findings from Ipsos OTX on this subject. While U.S. consumers are far less likely than their counterparts in other countries to say the networks are very important to them, marketers can effectively reach specific demographic groups through social media.

Publishers to Scrutinize Daily Deal Options and Platform Partners

The daily deal industry continues to evolve. While consumers are still excited about getting deep discounts on the products and services they love, marketers must weigh which deals make sense for them. The same holds true for publishers and platform providers. Groupon is enhancing its affiliate marketing strategy to attract more publishers but industry experts are cautioning that media companies and marketers should avoid certain deals to protect profits and reputations.

News Publishers Refining Mobile Format to Connect with Readers

Consumers are still reading the news. But, more people are accessing the stories that interest them through their mobile devices. The latest Reynolds Journalism and Digital Publishing Alliance Mobile Media Research Project report shows that publishers should aim to sell ad packages that include smartphone and tablet formats to reach a broad audience more frequently.

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Marketers Seek Distinct Audiences on Social Networks

After last week’s strong earnings report by Facebook, it’s likely that more marketers will catch the social media wave. The Creative Group’s latest survey shows a significant increase in the number of marketers who plan to spend money on this site. Facebook is just one of several social sites that marketers will be allocating more advertising funds to this year.

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