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Auto Dealers Struggling to Find Mechanics

“After selling almost 70 million new vehicles over the past four booming years, the nation’s 17,500 new-car dealerships face a curious predicament,” Ted Evanoff writes in The Commercial Appeal. “Auto sales finally have slowed, leaving dealers ever more dependent on the service department for profits, even though many are short on employees.”

Auto Dealers Need Digital Co-op Dollars

A study reveals $14 billion in brand co-op marketing funds are left on the table each year. Netsertive released, ‰ÛÏThe Changing Face of Co-Op Marketing Programs,‰Û report. The report explores how digital marketing trends are altering the co-op landscape and the persistent barriers to adoption that brands and local businesses face.

Auto Dealerships to Chase Repair Service, Increase Regional Branding Efforts

The automotive industry is enjoying a solid recovery after a few rocky years. But dealers can’t afford to become complacent about the future. Based on an industry press conference held in Illinois last week, dealers are likely to take some big steps in advertising this year.

Auto Dealers Announce Cautious Ad Spending Plans for 2013

Auto sales have come back in a big way since the recession made a deep cut into the business for most dealers. These business owners say they’re looking at next year with an eye on keeping costs under control. For many, this means holding the line on their advertising budgets.