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Manage Smarter 96: Managing Multiple Levels and Locations

Patrick Norris is Senior Vice President of Jim Doyle & Associates. Previously, as the Managing Partner of the Norris Auto Group, Pat ran a collection of 5 retail, multi-brand automobile dealerships and 2 motor sports stores. In this episode, we discuss: Managing corporate HQ and multi-location satellite organizations; Effective delegation tips; How to manage several brands within your organization; Latest on the automobile industry in the U.S.; and Millennials as customers and employees.

New SalesFuel® Survey of Car Buyer Purchase Intent Shows Deals & Incentives are Rarely Buying Triggers

Free white paper also shows dealer reputation can make or break the sale SalesFuel® announces new auto purchase intent data for 2016–2017 from its 7th annual AudienceSCAN study of nearly 16,000 online consumers 18+ in the United States. The new study reveals 19.3% of adults online  plan on purchasing a new car or truck in

Streamers are (good) Screamers for Auto Brands

The key finding from Spotify's The 2014 Brand Impact Study is that streamers are twice as likely as non-streamers to advocate for and feel emotionally connected to brands. Specifically, music streamers are 67% more likely to be automotive brand advocates.

Men Looking for Dates Should Leave Exotic Cars at Home

Many men might claim to be bewildered by the criteria women use to rate them in terms of attractiveness and future marriage potential. AnastasiaDate has set the record straight on one front – the cars men drive. The dating site’s new survey reveals exactly what women think of men who drive certain types of cars. Here’s a hint – men should leave their sports cars in the garage until they've made a positive impression on a woman.

Auto Dealers to Reach Out to Owners After Vehicle Purchase

Auto dealers are intent on selling as many cars as possible so their marketing strategy should include reaching out to buyers who are new to the brand, conquesting, and strengthening loyalty from existing customers. Maritz Research points out that too few dealers are contacting consumers who have purchased a vehicle from them in the past. As a result, they are missing a perfect opportunity to sell to a key audience.

Digital Drives Vehicle Shopping

Auto dealers encounter savvy customers every day. These folks have been researching online to determine the brand and model of vehicle they’re interested in before they get to the dealership. Google’s new report, done in partnership with Millward Brown, shows the typical vehicle shopper’s path to purchase and reveals that numerous digital opportunities exist for dealers to influence customers long before they step through the door.

Automakers Ramp Up Minority Marketing

The U.S. is becoming an increasingly diverse nation. Census Bureau data shows that 37% of consumers belong to minority groups. Some of the largest advertisers, especially automakers, are spending more to target the growing minority population with niche marketing campaigns. According to a Detroit News report, this is especially true of American-owned brands.

Dealers Emphasizing White Vehicles in 2013, Blue is Rising for 2014

When consumers pay attention to an ad for a product they want, they are noticing style and features. They’re imagining themselves owning that product. And, when it comes to automobiles, marketers can play to consumer aspirations by displaying a picture or video of a vehicle in a favorite color.

Auto Marketers Promoting Technology to Millennials

Millennials aren’t exactly the top auto buying demographic these days. Automakers hope to change that trend by encouraging these consumers to come into a dealership and take a test drive. One way to improve interest and sales is to promote technology according to a new Next Generation Car Buyer Study from Autotrader​.com.

Automotive Firms to Expand Auto Show, Live Launch Reach with Digital

Auto shows and launch events offer manufacturers the opportunity to strengthen branding by rolling out concept cars and to promote new models. Jumpstart Automotive Group is advising auto makers to pay more attention to online marketing designed to extend the interest generated by a successful appearance at an auto show or similar event. A strong digital campaign can reach 79% of new vehicle buyers who research possible purchases online before they approach a dealer.

Automakers and Dealers to Promote Trouble-free Ownership Experience

Automakers are busily adding new features to their latest vehicle models. And, this year, more consumers are in the market for a new vehicle, so some of the added features may be important from a competitive standpoint. To understand which features to promote in their ad campaigns, automakers and dealers might want to check out the newly released survey from NADA.

Automakers Target By Gender in Marketing Campaigns

Automakers are having their best year since the start of the Great Recession. Media reports have even hinted at shortages of some popular models in certain markets. While automakers must be cheering this good news, they aren’t about to let their guard down. They and their dealers face plenty of competition. One way to maintain an edge is to understand the nuances of various target audiences and Kelly Blue Book just released some interesting data points on this topic.

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