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New SalesFuel® Survey of Car Buyer Purchase Intent Shows Deals & Incentives are Rarely Buying Triggers

Free white paper also shows dealer reputation can make or break the sale SalesFuel® announces new auto purchase intent data for 2016–2017 from its 7th annual AudienceSCAN study of nearly 16,000 online consumers 18+ in the United States. The new study reveals 19.3% of adults online  plan on purchasing a new car or truck in

New Video! New Car/Truck Shoppers, What Auto Shoppers Want, Where Shoppers Get Info

The 2nd quarter edition of the Ad-ology Marketing Forecast focuses on new car and truck shoppers from the Ad-ology Automotive AudienceSCAN Report. http://​youtu​.be/​a​I​F​d​Z​M​y​C​nLE SCRIPT: Hello everyone… and welcome to the second quarter 2013 edition of the Ad-ology Marketing Forecast. [LEAD SEGMENT — NEW CAR AND TRUCK SHOPPERS] Last January, Ad-ology Research conducted a study of

Average Age of Vehicles Reaches Record High; Represents Opportunity for Dealerships, Service/Parts Sector

The average age of light vehicles on U.S. roads keeps rising, reaching a record high of 10.8 years in 2011, according to new research from Polk. For service and parts providers, the increasing age of the vehicle fleet, as well as the increasing length of vehicle ownership, could mean more business. However, analysts expect to see a reversal of the lengthening average age as new car sales rise.

Auto Sales Expected to Continue Growth, Increase in 2012

As 2011 comes to an end with the pace of auto sales accelerating, industry analysts expect the trend will continue in 2012. An estimated 13.6 million new cars and trucks will be sold in 2012, as many consumers still have pent-up demand for new cars. Improved selection and loosening credit conditions will also help entice buyers.