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Manage Smarter 07 — Shane Murphy: The Team-led Team Concept

Shane Murphy is a workforce optimization expert and an evangelist of an organizational strategy he calls "Team-led Team." Most recently, Shane used this concept to elevate an auto parts software team's performance to unprecedented levels. In episode 07, we discuss this merits of this concept, concerns some skeptics may have and how managers can get out of the weeds by loosening their grip. Shane is an ardent Liverpool supporter, so we also draw parallels between team management in the "beautiful game" and business.

Cable Ad Cord Cutter Plugs Back in with Record Sales Month

An automotive dealer in College Station, Texas had not done business with Suddenlink Media/Altice USA in years. Chris Carter was determined to change that. After conversations about the three brands he sells, she uncovered the dealer’s reluctance. He was not confident Suddenlink could deliver his message to the right consumer.

Auto Dealers to Park Spots in Front of YouTube Users

Many car dealers use Facebook as a way to target, reach and promote deals to car shoppers. But are they missing out on a key opportunity by focusing mostly on Facebook? According to a recent poll by national car lease website, Swapalease​.com, most car shoppers actually turn to YouTube when researching their next vehicle.

Automotive Marketing Messaging White Paper: 2016–17 Shopper Profile

New SalesFuel survey of car buyer purchase intent shows deals and incentives are rarely buying triggers. SalesFuel’s free white paper also shows dealer reputation can make or break the sale.

Hey GasBuddy Users! Gas Prices Remain Low, Driving Big Vehicle Sales

Despite creeping up as refinery maintenance reduced availability in some parts of the country, gasoline prices remain low by recent standards, which has helped feed a boom in sales of trucks and utility vehicles. Even after the slight increase at the pumps, drivers continue to benefit from substantial discounts as they pay the lowest price for fuel since 2006, according to AAA.

Car Buyers Want 'Amazon-Like Experience'

Andy MacLeay, director of digital marketing for Cox Automotive software unit Dealer​.com, says that, "from the consumer side, it's about old-school trust, which used to be pretty much an oxymoron when it came to the dealership experience."

In-Car Technology Influences Luxury Auto Purchases

These days, consumers are looking for more than comfort and a great ride in their new autos. More vehicle shoppers are weighing the pros and cons of in-car technology. Many prospects are intrigued by new features that help to prevent accidents but they’re also worried about how complicated it is to use these features.

Kathy Crosett December 17, 2014 Automotive Tags:

37% of Buyers Want Text Messages from Auto Dealers

The Morpace study finds that 46% of vehicle buyers want to hear from the dealership after they make a purchase. Last year, only 42% of buyers said the same thing. Buyers like hearing about recall notices, service updates, and general maintenance information. Analysts recommend that auto dealers solicit permission to stay in touch with prospective and recent buyers before they start texting them. Using this additional channel as a marketing tool can strengthen customer loyalty as long as it’s done with a light touch.

Kathy Crosett December 3, 2014 Automotive Tags:

Quality, Versatility Top Factors for Pickup Truck Buyers

Consumers base their new vehicle selection on a number of factors. According to the 2014 NADA New Car Shopper Preference Survey, consumers apply different sets of criteria to different vehicles. This is especially true for those in the market to buy a new SUV or pickup truck.

Kathy Crosett November 19, 2014 Automotive Tags:

New Car Buyers Notice Dealer Charitable Giving

Auto dealers continue to increase their level of giving to charitable causes, according to new survey data from the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) and Ally Financial.

Auto Owners Overlooking Brake Fluid Maintenance

Changes in maintenance schedules due to advanced vehicle and fluid technology have changed vehicle service needs. Most motorists manage oil-change services appropriately but miss other critical maintenance items, according to a survey of AAA's nationwide network of Approved Auto Repair shops.

Kathy Crosett October 22, 2014 Automotive Tags:

New Vehicle Sales to Reach 17 Million SAAR Units in 2014

New-vehicle sales are expected to increase 9.1 percent year-over-year to a total of 1.24 million units, resulting in an estimated 16.4 million seasonally adjusted annual rate (SAAR), according to Kelley Blue Book. Based on the robust sales pace during the past few months, Kelley Blue Book is adjusting its sales outlook for 2014 from 16.3 million to 16.4 million.

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