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Why is Customer Service so Invaluable to a Business?

Great cus­tomer ser­vice doesn’t only ben­e­fit your clients. It can have so many ben­e­fi­cial effects for you and your com­pa­ny as well.

3 Ways to Control Customer Service Expectations

The effec­tive­ness of your cus­tomer ser­vice strat­e­gy is root­ed in your clients’ expec­ta­tions of you, but how can you bal­ance what you have to live up to?

Could Your Company Pass a Random Customer Service Test?

How would your com­pa­ny fare if your cus­tomer ser­vice was ran­dom­ly test­ed with­out your knowl­edge? Based on SuperOffice's research, not well.

Here's Your New Secret Customer Service Weapon and How to Use It

Near­ly every­thing is cus­tomiz­able now-a-days, so why are we act­ing as if cus­tomer ser­vice doesn’t have to be any dif­fer­ent?

How to Inspire Your Client's Trust After the Sale is Closed

Trust is dif­fi­cult to achieve. Clients care about more than your prod­ucts and ser­vices. When you show them you have great prob­lem-solv­ing abil­i­ties and won’t waste their time, you’re on your way to build­ing trust.

B2B vs. B2C Customer Service

B2C com­pa­nies aver­age 65% – 85% in cus­tomer expe­ri­ence index rat­ings, while B2B com­pa­nies score under 50 per­cent. Here's what we can learn from B2C com­pa­nies to close that gap.

Are You Applying These 4 Key Tips to Your Customer Service Plan?

An effec­tive cus­tomer ser­vice plan is the divid­ing line between the greats and the mediocre. Which side are you on?