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White Paper: Selling to Millennial Decision-Makers

Members of the first digital generation are increasingly showing up in the C‑suite. In fact, today’s B2B buyer is more likely to be a millennial.

In this sales enablement white paper, you’ll discover that although every millennial is different, new research from SalesFuel’s Selling to SMBs study finds this generation has tendencies that are significantly different from their predecessors. You’ll discover how the buying process differs, the importance of marketing and social media, which salesperson behaviors can make the sale – and which will kill a sale — with this new generation of decision-makers.

Why Cross-Platform Marketing is Critical to Both B2B and B2C Businesses

Emotionally-driven customers of either business type find the customer journey extremely important. However, with a slew of both traditional and digital marketing efforts driving the buying process, it can be difficult for businesses to effectively track the customer journey and, therefore, provide further personalization.

B2B Marketing Outlook Improves

The B2B marketplace has suffered from the same downturn plaguing the B2C business environment. The most recent study carried out by B2B Online confirms that these businesses have cut marketing budgets in 2009. But online media forms may see increases in the second half of the year as nearly 2/3's of surveyed firms hope to expand Web site development and about ½ will add to their search budgets between now and December.