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B2B Customers Increasingly Expecting Agile, Scalable, B2C-like Experience

DHL Express released a white paper with Cranfield School of Management investigating the current trends and significant potential of the international e-commerce landscape for business-to-business companies. The paper provides a practical guide to specific digital features and strategies used by businesses that are developing a cross-border e-commerce offering and presents a framework for companies to better understand and benchmark their own level of e-commerce development.

63% of Mobile Customers Respond to Brands’ Communication Outreach

Apptentive, mobile customer experience software, released its Mobile Customer Engagement Benchmark Report, which serves as a way for companies to understand how their apps’ engagement stacks up against the entire mobile ecosystem. The report also presents an in-depth look at how the mobile landscape is shifting toward open dialog between consumers and companies; demonstrated by the 650% increase in the adoption of two-way, in-app messaging.

49% Say They Plan to Host or Participate in a Webinar in 2018

Video continues to benefit a wide variety of different business functions, according to Wyzowl’s The State of Video Marketing 2018. Its most common benefit is increasing user understanding, but increased dwell time, sales, traffic, and reduced support queries are all attributed to video by sizeable chunks of marketers.

Sagefrog: More B2B Companies Are Outsourcing Marketing Tasks

Did you know over 61% of B2B operators have no formal marketing plans? If your clients are hesitating to develop formal marketing plans, share the details of Sagefrog Marketing Group’s latest Marketing Mix report with them.

Successful B2B Operators Spend 40% of Marketing Budget on Content

B2B operators have been busy refining their content marketing strategy this year. As they see the improved ROI from their focused effort on content, the vast majority of B2B companies will expand their use of the format in 2018. Here’s a preview of what to expect, based on the B2B Content Marketing 2018 report from the Content Marketing Institute and its partners.

How to Tell Your Story with an Explainer Video

“A succinct explainer video should deliver a straightforward message that describes what you do, without getting bogged down in details.”

When to Discuss Price in Your Sales Calls

In your sales calls, where does talk of price generally pop up? If you discuss it intermittently, you should consider adjusting your strategy.

67% of B2B Execs Believe Customer Service Makes the Sale

The quality of your customer service has never been more important than it is right now.

Have You Tested the Buyer’s Journey Your Clients Take?

A recent SalesForce survey that found 80% of business buyers expect companies to react and respond to them in real time. Does your current sales process allow for this? What is is the buyer’s journey like with your company?

3 Ways to Optimize B2B Customer Service

Want to be sure your B2B clients hang around long after they sign a contract with you? Check out these customer service tips offered by Joel Harrison.

Are You Damaging Your B-to-B Accounts?

Before you decide the order of importance of the items on your to-do list, remember that 51% of damaged B-to-B accounts are a result of a lack of account support.

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