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Clients: Invest in Them or Lose Them

The key to maintaining your clients: prove that you’re still as invested in them as you were during the first sale.

4 Ways to Master the Realm of B-to-B Customer Service

How you approach and interact with your clients plays just as big of a part in making a sale as what you are actually trying to sell does. Are you making this count?

The Tool You SHOULD Be Using To Strengthen B2B Client Relations

When it comes to customer service, B2C companies have learned something B2B companies tend to ignore. So if you work at a B2B company and struggle to keep your customers happy, it’s time to start putting this tool to use.

Business Social Media Trends Expected to Skyrocket in 2016

“The truth is, trends in social media change so quickly that it’s difficult to keep up — especially if you’re more concentrated on trying to run a business,” Scott Falkner writes for Inquistir.com. “To that end, here’s a few things in 2016 that you might want to keep an eye out for when it comes to social media.”

B2B Buyers Looking at Vendor Websites; Social Media – Not so Much

B2B buyers tend to conduct a good deal of online research before they contact a vendor. In some cases, they may skip over a vendor because of what they find, or don’t find, online. This is particularly true with respect to a vendor’s website according to new B2B Web Usability Report issued by KoMarketing Associates and Dianna Huff.

Large B2B Marketers Focus on SMBs in 2014

B2B marketing is big business. And the sector will grow this year as larger businesses get serious about targeting small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The Better Traction from Smarter SMB Interaction report from the CMO council explains why SMBs are an attractive target for larger businesses and how to increase sales through improved marketing campaigns.

B2B Enterprises Spending More on Marketing Services

B2B marketers face different challenges than their B2C counterparts, especially when it comes to the lengthy sales cycle. But, these enterprises must promote their products and services to clients on an ongoing basis. The Forrester Research/Business Marketing Association study “Focus B2B Marketing Budget Gains On Business Outcomes To Succeed In 2014” reveals that B2B marketers, on average, will increase their marketing budgets by 6% this year.

B2B Marketers to Tackle Unique Challenges

It’s a new year and the marketing department is hard at work developing new strategies and campaigns to increase revenue. Even with the economy on the mend, this is no easy task. B2B enterprises, in particular, face some unique challenges which Giselle Abramovich has outlined for CMO and are worth a look.

B2B Media Companies Selling More Digital Ad Space

B2B marketers are on track to spend over 4% more on advertising and marketing services this year, compared to 2012, and the outlook for 2014 is good. This increase is also on track with spending boosts made by B2B marketers in 2012, a trend that indicates expansion mode for the sector. New research by American Business Media (ABM) shows that digital formats are enjoying a significant interest from B2B marketers but data management and business information services are also in demand.

B2B Marketers Focus on Ideal Prospects in 2014

What one thing should B2B marketers be doing to prepare for a successful 2014? Finding the Ideal Customer Prospect, the title of B2B Online’s new report, tells the whole story. B2B operators are scrambling to stay current with all of the new tools that have been added to their marketing arsenal, but they still need to hunt for the best prospects. In some companies, prospecting is all about sales and building relationships, but increasingly, marketing departments are getting involved in helping their sales teams identify the most valuable prospects.

B2B Buying Process Influenced by Social Media

The B2B buying process has traditionally been all about educating prospects on the benefits of a product or service and building personal relationships along the way. Content marketing has been playing a bigger role as enterprises make more information available to buyers, especially on the digital front. But, as consumers grow more familiar with reading reviews for their personal purchases, Avanade reports that B2B buyers are starting to pay attention to online reviews as well. This shift in buyer behavior means B2B businesses should be upping their social media game.

B2B Marketers Personalize Content to Match Buying Stages

B2B professionals are under increasing pressure to optimize profits with fewer resources. When they venture in the marketplace to acquire new products and services, sellers must be ready for them. These prospects have limited time to spend on the research and decision-making process. The results of Pardot’s State of Demand Generation report suggest that one way to make a quick connection with a prospect is to offer up content designed for the exact stage in their buying process.

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