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B2B Marketers to Scrutinize Display Advertising Budgets

Earlier this week, I wrote about a new Forrester report, which appeared in a B2BOnline column, and the expected rise in B2B marketing this year. Not all online formats will see big increases from B2B advertisers though. Specifically, only a small number of B2B marketers, 13%, will up their spending on display. Forrester analyst, Michael Greene thinks he knows why.

B2B Marketing Budgets to Rise

As the recession fades, B2B operators that had slashed advertising and marketing are planning to increase those budgets this year. Some industries will put more money into marketing than others. And they’ll be measuring the returns on these investments carefully according to a new report from Forrester which was highlighted in a recent BtoBOnline column.

More Marketers to Focus on B2B Sites to Reach Prospects

Businesses have no shortage of media channels to use when promoting their products and services online to other businesses. While some online venues are specialized B2B operators, many consumer sites also offer business content. Which channel is most effective for B2B marketers? BBN Networks recently hired OTX MediaCT to study the topic and findings indicate that marketing through dedicated B2B websites improves campaign performance.

B2B Marketers Up Ad Budgets, Focus on Digital

Marketing budgets that were sliced during the recession are beginning to grow again in the B2B sector. At the same time, many operators anticipate shifting a significant percentage of their spending to the digital format, especially social media. And in a sign that that economic expansion is taking hold, 65.7% of marketers are planning new-campaign activity this year.

B2B Marketers Increasing Their Budgets for 2011

More B2B marketers are expecting to up their promotional activities in 2011. In addition, these businesses will put lead generation at the top of their marketing priority list for next year. These findings come from a fusionb2b survey that was released last month. The company based its projections on respondents from a survey pool that heavily represented the manufacturing, service, and consulting sectors.

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Social Media Driving BtoB Search

As businesses get serious about using social media to market themselves to other businesses, they’re finding their efforts are having unexpected results. In particular, B2B operators say that their social media efforts are also improving search performance. For many, it comes down to how they are using the information that becomes available through social media.

B to B Advertising Looks Positive for Q4

As the economy starts to improve, businesses that have been watching their budgets closely are preparing to spend what remains before the fiscal year ends for many on December 31. This anticipated spending has B2B marketers taking note. In many cases, marketers will be launching new products and services. At the same time, new marketing promotions are in the works.

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B2B Ad Response Linked to Gender, Industry Type

Does it make a difference when a B2B marketer’s online ad appears? Absolutely. And it turns out that click-through behavior on online B2B ads varies by gender as well. Marketers who want to optimize their online campaigns may already be looking at the results of a study recently published by Bizo. First off, the top-line data suggests that women click 23% more often than men.

B2B Marketers Increase Custom Content Efforts

The use of custom content as a marketing tool is now a well-established practice in the B2B sector. Up to 90% of B2B companies use custom content. But not everyone agrees that the content is effective. There’s also concern that the distribution methods could be improved.

B2B Marketers Still Lag in Social Media Efforts

More than one recent study has shown how B2B marketers lag behind their B2C counterparts in the social media arena. A new study by White Horse indicates that while 28% of B2C operators have looked to outside experts for help in this arena, only 10% of B2B operators have done so. Similarly, the number of B2B operators who have taken no steps to engage with social media stands at 18%. Only 14% of B2C operators have completely ignored social media to date.

More B2B Marketers to Incorporate Social Networks into E-mail Campaigns

E-mail is a major marketing platform for most B2B companies. But these businesses may be missing an opportunity to make their e-mail messages even more appealing to target customers. Why? B2B marketers have been slow to include links to social networks in their e-mails. A recently published Silverpop study compared the e-mail marketing activity of B2C to B2B vendors.

Marketers to Fine Tune B2B Exhibition Spending

Medium and large-sized businesses have long allocated a significant part of their B2B marketing budgets to exhibitions. But the exhibition industry witnessed business declines in 2009 along with most other sectors of marketing-related activity. The Center for Exhibition Industry Research reports that the number of exhibitors, the number of attendees and the overall revenue at exhibitions have been in steep decline since 2007. In 2009, the industry saw a 12.5% drop.

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