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Baby Boomers Are Driving Force in Cosmetic Procedures Trend

According to a recent survey by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, anti-aging procedures such as facelifts and blepharoplasty (eyelid lifts) are on the rise. So are botox and fillers. Baby boomers are aging but they don't want their looks to do the same, therefore, many are turning to cosmetic surgery. Facelifts rose 44% from 2008 to 2009 in procedures by AACS members, totaling 34,455 in 2009. Blepharoplasty procedures went up 42%, from 42,602 to 60,507. Similarly, non-invasive anti-aging procedures such as Botox (up 157%) and fillers (up 245%) rose exponentially.

Recession Adding Burden to Boomers Caring for Kids, Aging Parents

According to a recent study by Communispace, the recession has added considerable stress to this already overburdened population known as "the sandwich generation," baby boomers who support kids, parents, relatives and themselves at the same time. Over 20 million Americans belong to this unique consumer segment. Feeling stretched, overwhelmed, and under-supported this segment of consumers has particular needs and hopes that marketers must understand. For example, 77% would adapt the things they'd purchase to accommodate parents; for example, when buying a new car they'd consider buying one with a larger trunk (to hold a parent's wheel chair or walker), rather than one that is comfortable or gets good gas mileage. A "considerable number" of people are looking for more culturally and linguistically appropriate services for their elderly parents (many of whom don't speak English).

Marketing Focus to Shift to Gen‑X

The Baby Boom generation has fueled a large part of the consumer economy since the 1960’s. And author Mercedes Cardona, writing for Daily Finance, points out that this generation has ‘led the way out of the last two recessions’ and has also accounted for a significant percentage of luxury purchases. As marketers determine where to focus their ad budgets while we exit this recession, Cardona suggests that Baby Boomers will not be the target.

Boomers Spend More Time Online than Watching Traditional TV

According to the latest ChangeWave survey of business professionals between the ages of 45 and 63 on TV viewing habits vs. home Internet usage, these Boomers spend more free time online than they do watching traditional TV. And, by a five-to-one margin, the amount of traditional TV Boomers are watching versus a year ago is decreasing.

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