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Are You Forcing Collaboration or Fostering Innovation?

The trou­ble with most old-school com­pa­nies is that knowl­edge is shared on a need-to-know basis only. That strat­e­gy might nec­es­sary if you’re work­ing on a defense con­tract that requires team mem­bers to under­go secu­ri­ty clear­ances and wear badges denot­ing their top-secret sta­tus. For the rest of us, shar­ing knowl­edge should be part of the cul­ture estab­lished by man­agers.

Earn Prospect Trust with Good Storytelling

Typ­i­cal­ly, reps make their prod­uct or ser­vice the hero of a sto­ry, sav­ing the day for the prospect and his or her busi­ness. But, what if you switched it up? Emi­ly Bauer sug­gests cast­ing the prospect as your story’s hero.