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Post-Recession Consumers Usher in New Era in Beauty

As we emerge from the economic turmoil of the past couple years, today’s consumer is making new rules. Where companies and marketers once dictated price points and brand positioning to consumers, now it is the other way around. The consumer is setting a new standard – one that embraces social media, environmental savvy and a global approach that reassesses the very definition of beauty. Marketers have dubbed the emerging mentality the “era of the new conservative shopper.” It’s not a trend, experts believe, as much as a fundamental and long-lasting shift in consumers’ attitudes.

Beauty Marketing Finally Moving Online

Consumers have been long accustomed to seeing pitches for beauty products on TV and in their favorite fashion magazines. In total, the industry spends about $6 billion on ad campaigns. And this year, the industry has grown more competitive as it tries to make up the 2% revenue drop in 2008. To reach more consumers, companies have begun shifting their marketing messages online.