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16% of Americans Rely on Their Hair Stylist to Learn More about Beauty

"According to a recent online survey conducted by Ipsos on behalf of Allergan, which interviewed adults who are open to going to a professional to improve their appearance, 92% say that looking their best is important for daily activities (e.g career, school, volunteering, errands) and most further believe that the way they look (84%) and the way their body looks (81%) contribute to how successful they can be in all aspects of their lives. Nearly nine in ten also say that looking fit and healthy, and being on trend with fashion and beauty contributes to their confidence (86%)."

Help Your Grocery Clients Promote The Items That Boost The Bottom Line

With the grocery sector only expected to grow by about 1% this year, forward-thinking operators need to advertise high profit-margin lines to see a big sales boost. Here’s what winning retailers are doing.

76% of Teens Are Purchasing Lipstick

Pucker up! When it comes to cosmetics, QVC, home to more than 300 beauty brands, knows a thing or two about what women want. In celebration of National Lipstick Day on July 29, the multi-platform retailer surveyed over 500 female customers to learn more about their lipstick habits and preferences.

Fragrance is Driver Behind 8% Uptick in Planned Beauty Purchases

The U.S. prestige beauty industry has entered a phase of renewed growth, which has put the industry in a healthy position heading into the 2015 holiday season. Overall dollar sales are up 8 percent (January through September) compared to this time in 2014, and more consumers plan on purchasing beauty products this holiday season compared to 2014.

Apparel and Beauty Marketers Winning Millennials Through Social Media

Millennials are more likely than other age groups to friend brands and companies on social media. The unique way they share their likes and preferences through various social networks is having an impact on both online and in-store sales. The latest research from the Center for Marketing Research at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth reveals which marketers can benefit from this consumer behavior.

Tablet Ad Campaigns Yield Big Results Beauty and Food Marketers

Magazines have long had a hold on consumers who aspire to something more – whether it’s better fashion, appearance or food. Full page pictures help consumers appreciate what a new product can do for their lives. Now tablets are giving marketers in some industries a new way to connect with consumers and their investment in this media format is paying off according to a new eMarketer report, Beauty and the Tablet.