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Millennials are Increasingly Open to Buying Beer in New Retail Environments

"The market hears about fragmentation quite a bit, but its effects can’t be underestimated—even in categories that have historically boasted clearly defined paths-to-purchase. Today, information is everywhere, choice is rampant, and even the most traditional consumer journeys are shifting."

5 Craft Beer Trends to Watch in 2018

"What does 2018 have in store for beer?" the editors at FSR Magazine asked leaders in the craft beer segment. "They say the future carries so much promise. They gazed into the crystal growler and saw what trends are fermenting for 2018."

Beer Drinkers Seeking Unique Flavors

Technomic’s 2014 Beer Tab report reveals that wine and spirits consumption has increased in the past year on a per capita basis by 0.7% and 0.3%, respectively. In general, beer consumption has dropped, per capita, by 2.2%.

Beer and Wine Battle for Top Spot in Adult Beverage Market

Beer has increased its edge over wine as the favorite adult beverage for U.S. consumers. And the overall consumption of these beverages has increased in the past year. These shifts in the market give advertisers plenty of reason to develop new campaigns for the upcoming holiday season.

U.S. Beer Industry Posts Third Consecutive Year of Increases

The beer industry posted its third consecutive year of increased volume last year climbing 0.5%. Light beers' popularity hasn't waned — it has grown to become the largest beer segment controlling more than half of the beer market. Consumers continue to consume more light/low-carbohydrate beer offerings. Light is forecast to grow 2.0% on an annual compound growth rate over the next five years. Ice and popular segments have also gained volume. These categories benefited from consumers trading down in the recessionary environment.