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Reach 90%+ of African Americans Using These Ad Types

African Americans are 43% more likely than other Americans to say that they like to have a lot of gadgets, according to the Nielsen report “It’s In The Bag: Black Consumers’ Path To Purchase.” This should give advertisers more peace of mind knowing they have a ton of options when advertising to African Americans.

Are Your Clients Skimping on Multicultural Ads to Their Detriment?

Hispanic Americans, African Americans, and Asian Americans make up 18.1%, 13.4%, and 5.8%, respectively, of consumers in the U.S., according to PQ Media and ANA AIMM’s U.S. Multicultural Media Forecast 2019. Yet, the marketing revenue for all of these demographics combined last year was only 5.17%.

Blacks Purchasing More Anti-Aging Hair Care Products

While Black consumers love trying new products and experimenting with their appearance, they appear to under-index when it comes to anti-aging products. However, it seems the haircare market is one area where the opposite is true as new research from Mintel reveals that 42% of Black consumers have tried or would be interested in trying anti-aging hair products.

Marketers to Increase Ads Targeting Blacks

Should marketers be doing more to specifically target Blacks with their messages? Blacks, which include African-Americans, make up about 14% of the U.S. population. These 44.5 million consumers are considered the largest racial minority – distinct from Hispanics who are an ethnic minority – in this country. Nielsen research reveals that marketers are cutting, when they should be increasing their spending on their audience.

Targeting Black Consumers via Smartphones To Yield Big Returns

For one group of U.S. consumers – blacks – the smartphone revolution is well under way. Blacks, more than any other ethnic group, have embraced the use of smartphone technology. As a result, marketers should be focusing their efforts on mobile to reach this segment.