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3 Easy Ways to Generate Sales Leads

No marketing support when trying to find sales leads? No problem! According to Dan Tyre writing for HubSpot, there are 10 ways to generate sales leads all on your own. Here are a few.

Blogging to Fall out of Favor as Social Media Grows

The Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth has tracked the social media strategies of fast-growing enterprises – those on the Inc. 500 – since 2007. For the first time, researchers detected a significant drop in the use of corporate blogs in the past year. These companies aren’t cutting back on their social communications with customers but they are changing how they reach out.

Women Want Marketers to Understand Them; Marketers’ Blog Outreach Efforts Must Be a Good Fit

Many marketers now comfortable with social media and the power of online product reviews have also started to lose their timidity about approaching bloggers. In fact, consumer-spend-insightssome women bloggers report marketers may be becoming overeager. Ketchum, conducting a survey of registrants for July’s annual BlogHer conference found that nearly one-half of respondents were contacted by PR professionals weekly. A further 30% got such messages on a daily basis.