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Nonverbal Cues You Are Missing, According to Sign Language Users

Many peo­ple don’t think twice about body lan­guage. But for oth­ers, it’s vital to com­mu­ni­ca­tion. Users of Amer­i­can Sign Lan­guage (ASL) rely heav­i­ly on oth­ers’ move­ments and expres­sions to under­stand what is being said and expressed.

3 Easy Listening Methods to Improve Your Sales Meetings

You’ve heard the advice that sales is about help­ing the client and not about mak­ing mon­ey. But are you active­ly putting that advice into prac­tice? A sol­id foun­da­tion to build effec­tive sales on are your lis­ten­ing skills.

Despise Negotiating? Here are 4 Ways to Up Your Game

Your clients aren’t always going to agree on the deals you set before them. So, what then? Here are four ways to improve the way you nego­ti­ate.

4 Ways Body Language Can Improve Your Sales Pitch

How you deliv­er a sales pitch is just as impor­tant as the words you intend to say. The wrong body lan­guage, such as fail­ing to make eye con­tact or act­ing shift­ing when you speak, can acci­den­tal­ly inspire mis­trust or skep­ti­cism in your poten­tial client.

Mirroring Techniques in the Digital Age

Your email dings and it’s a mes­sage from your boss say­ing you’ll need to give a sales pre­sen­ta­tion at next week’s share­hold­er meet­ing. A feel­ing of dread quick­ly sets in. Sound famil­iar? Whether it’s a pitch or pre­sen­ta­tion, we’ve all like­ly been there before. But rather than stress­ing about it, there are ways to ensure suc­cess while main­tain your san­i­ty.

How to Put Your Best Foot Forward Without Saying a Word

We all know the basics of pro­fes­sion­al body lan­guage; smile, have a firm hand­shake, but what else can you do to put your best foot for­ward with­out even speak­ing?

Nonverbal Communication Tips to Build Trust

Non­ver­bal com­mu­ni­ca­tion can be just as pow­er­ful as spo­ken words, and sales­peo­ple can use body lan­guage to gain even fur­ther trust with prospects and clients.

Achieve More Success With These 5 Body Language Hacks

If you want to be more suc­cess­ful in life and in your job, your body may be the key! The way we phys­i­cal­ly present our­selves not only sends sig­nals to oth­ers, but affects our own thoughts, feel­ings and per­for­mance as well.