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Consumers Ages 18–44 Are Top Audiobook Listeners

"According to global information company The NPD Group, nearly three out of four consumers in the U.S. reported reading a book or listening to an audiobook in the past six months."

Bookstores to Promote Their Celebrity Book Club Selections

"At a time when book discovery is challenging because of the amount of content clamoring for attention, celebrity book clubs are playing an important role in spurring sales for listed titles. According to global information company The NPD Group, the volume of the sales bump varies with the celebrity’s level of popularity, but having a book selected by a celebrity reader with a big following can result in a huge increase exposure and sales."

Demographics of Book Buying

The latest figures from the US Census Bureau’s Statistical Abstract indicate that the average consumer unit spends $126 annually on reading material. This represents a steady decline from 1995 when the amount spent was $165 annually. Who is most likely to purchase books and how should publishers target this demographic? The results of a recent Harris Interactive poll sheds light on who is most likely to purchase more than 10 books a year: