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Consumers Ages 18–44 Are Top Audiobook Listeners

"According to global information company The NPD Group, nearly three out of four consumers in the U.S. reported reading a book or listening to an audiobook in the past six months."


Bookstores to Promote Their Celebrity Book Club Selections

"At a time when book discovery is challenging because of the amount of content clamoring for attention, celebrity book clubs are playing an important role in spurring sales for listed titles. According to global information company The NPD Group, the volume of the sales bump varies with the celebrity’s level of popularity, but having a book selected by a celebrity reader with a big following can result in a huge increase exposure and sales."


Bookstores to Promote Their Japanese Manga Selections

"Although it’s been growing by leaps and bounds, many readers in the United States are still unfamiliar with a popular style of series-driven Japanese comic books and graphic novels, called 'manga.' In fact, manga is currently one of the fastest growing areas of comic books and narrative fiction, according to global information company The NPD Group."


Book Store to Promote Titles to 47% of Consumers Who Want Printed Materials

"According to a recent online survey conducted by Ipsos on behalf of Canon, adults are most likely to say that if printed materials no longer existed it would make them feel sad (47%). Only 5%, in comparison, say that they would feel happy and very few (1%) would feel relieved. One in five would feel unsure (22%) if print medium no longer existed, while at least one in ten would feel indifferent (14%). Fewer say that the extinction of the print medium would make them feel anxious (6%) or overwhelmed (4%)."

Significant Growth in the Horror Category for Book Sales

Without Harry Potter and other leading franchise titles upping the ante, print book sales in the United States returned to a more standard year for the industry in 2017. With fewer juggernaut titles and categories, overall U.S. print books sales growth was slower than in the previous three years. NPD BookScan recaps the year in books 2017.

Reading Books Remains Popular, as Evidenced by Movie Adaptations

Movie adaptations from books are nothing new, but it’s interesting that they remain so popular in a time when “no one reads anymore.” Americans are increasingly craving a multi-media way to enjoy their favorite stories. But despite the emerging digital landscape, research suggests book reading is not dying out.

One in Ten Americans Likely to Purchase eReader in Next Six Months

A new study from Harris Interactive takes a look at the changes occurring in the book industry with the growing popularity of eReaders. Specifically, has the introduction of this new way of reading changed reading habits? Right now, just one in ten Americans (8%) uses an electronic reader device of some kind, so any real changes may take a while to detect, but some small changes are noticeable now. Namely, those who have eReaders do, in fact, read more. Among those who have an eReader, over one-third read 11–20 books a year (36%) and over one-quarter read 21 or more books in an average year (26%). And among those adults who do not currently have an eReader, just over one in ten (12%) say they are likely to get one in the next six months.

Book Marketing To Change

In the good old days, book publishers sent their best authors out on the road for book tours. And newly published work appeared in trade catalogs mailed to buyers at major bookstores, libraries and schools. But the digital world has changed for book marketers.