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Bookstores to Promote Their Celebrity Book Club Selections

"At a time when book discovery is challenging because of the amount of content clamoring for attention, celebrity book clubs are playing an important role in spurring sales for listed titles. According to global information company The NPD Group, the volume of the sales bump varies with the celebrity’s level of popularity, but having a book selected by a celebrity reader with a big following can result in a huge increase exposure and sales."

Bookstores to Promote Their Japanese Manga Selections

"Although it’s been growing by leaps and bounds, many readers in the United States are still unfamiliar with a popular style of series-driven Japanese comic books and graphic novels, called 'manga.' In fact, manga is currently one of the fastest growing areas of comic books and narrative fiction, according to global information company The NPD Group."

Book Store to Promote Titles to 47% of Consumers Who Want Printed Materials

"According to a recent online survey conducted by Ipsos on behalf of Canon, adults are most likely to say that if printed materials no longer existed it would make them feel sad (47%). Only 5%, in comparison, say that they would feel happy and very few (1%) would feel relieved. One in five would feel unsure (22%) if print medium no longer existed, while at least one in ten would feel indifferent (14%). Fewer say that the extinction of the print medium would make them feel anxious (6%) or overwhelmed (4%)."

40% of Kids Wish Their Parents Still Read to Them

Reading aloud to a child is a wonderful bonding moment, but the research also shows that reading aloud to children all the way up to age 11 is a predictor that children will become frequent readers.

Bookstores May Market More Author Events to Attract Teen Buyers

Contrary to popular opinion, young people continue to read books. The findings of a recently released TeenReads​.com study indicate that about 1 in 3 teens purchased between 3 and 5 new books in the past 6 months. Another 20% of these young readers bought only 1 or 2 book in the same time period while 20% buys at a much higher rate – 6–10 books. How can book publishers reach this market and establish loyalty and buying patterns to create lifelong customers?