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If You Want to Raise Awareness, Use TV Ads. Here's Why

Advertising isn’t just a reminder of a product or service’s existence. According to TVB’s Purchase Funnel 2019 study detailed by BusinessWire, 96% of consumers aren’t even aware of products or services until they see ads.

Women Flock To Private Grocery Brands, Yet Remain Unsure Which Retailer Sells Which Brands

In recent years, price-sensitive grocery shoppers have decided that private label brands are as tasty and possess the same quality as national brands. But do they know which stores sell the various private label brands? The low levels of awareness for such food brands suggest they often don't, according to "Women's Retail Brand Awareness: Private Label Fashion, Food & Storewide Brands," a proprietary study of 305 women shoppers in the United States conducted by EPM Communications, the parent company of Marketing to Women. Often, womens' preconceived notions about stores contribute to their errors in identifying which retailers carry which private labels.