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Choose Carefully: Logos can Promote or Destroy a Brand

Regardless of whether you’re creating a brand’s very first logo or redesigning the current one, logos are a crucial part of a brand’s identity. Logos are often the first part of a brand consumers will see and can affect how a customer will view that brand.

Top 10 of 2013: Toy Industry Promoting New Trends in 2013

The toy industry, exclusive of video games, generates revenue of over $20 billion a year. Retailers who order and sell the toys that match the hottest trends of the year can steal market share from their competitors. Based on the trends revealed at last week’s Toy Industry Association, marketers will have plenty of opportunity to […]

Top 10 of 2013: Marketers to Increase Use of Promotional Products

Marketers have long turned to promotional products to keep their name in front of consumers and purchasing agents at companies who are in a position to place large orders.  Distributing these branded gifts is a common practice at conventions and trade shows. New research confirms that promotional products give marketers a boost at the time […]

Auto Conquesting on the Rise

Automakers count on the loyalty of repeat buyers for a significant part of their business. But if they are to increase market share, auto marketers need exciting new vehicles, promotions and ad campaigns to steal customers away from other brands. This concept, known as conquesting, is on the rise, especially for American brands which are touting quality improvements.

New Class of Drugs to Spur DTC Pharma Spending

With $27 billion spent on promotions in 2012, the pharmaceutical industry is going strong. Spending remains steady for top categories. While direct-to-consumer (DTC) ad spending dropped last year, analysts are looking for an increase this year because a new category of drugs, SGLT‑2 inhibitors, is expected to come into the market and it will require a heavy educational advertising component.

SMBs Devoting More Marketing Dollars to Customer Acquisition

Should a business allocate more of its marketing budget to acquiring new customers or retaining old ones? During the recent recession, many enterprises reduced ad spending and focused heavily on retaining their current customers, believing the expense incurred in finding new customers far outweighed the incoming revenue. With the economy expanding, marketers are once again casting a wider net to find new customers.

More Restaurant Brands to Shift to Mass Marketing

With so many different types of restaurants specializing in unique types of cuisine, operators might be inclined to target specific demographic groups to boost business. Restaurants often market their food niches and price points as a way to attract what they believe is a unique group of patrons. New research suggests this could be exactly the wrong strategy.

Jersey Marketing Sponsorships for Pro Teams to Heat up for 2013

As Major League Soccer gets underway this month, so do the sponsorships for this sport. Sponsorships, in general, are a great way for a marketer to get its name in front of a lot of people who are emotionally impressionable during an event like a game. Sports sponsorships can work well at the national, regional, and local levels and this year there is growing interest in paying for jersey sponsorships.

Warren Buffett’s Faith in Newspapers to Attract Marketer Attention

When Warren Buffet makes an investment, people tend to notice. Last week, he shared his newspaper investing philosophy with his shareholders. Buffett believes he’s onto something and his strategy might lead more newspaper publishers to change their ways in order to increase both readership and marketing revenue.

Brands to Build Loyalty with Social Currency

Most brands are allocating at least some of their marketing budgets to social media. But they may not be using these networks in the right way to increase loyalty and revenue. Understanding why consumers connect with brands in the social media space is an important first step but enterprises must also take the next step, keeping consumers engaged.

Hospitals Using Content Campaigns to Reach Larger Markets

More hospitals in the U.S. are merging and forming partnerships in order to achieve economies of scale. As they do so, these institutions must also reach out to a larger patient base – in some cases this means a regional or national market. While most consumers are aware of the strengths of their local hospitals, they’ll soon be hearing messages from facilities offering specialized care on a national basis.

Retailers Hope to Outshine Manufacturers with New Promotional Techniques

As the digital shopping experience improves, manufacturers are seeing an opportunity to increase their sales directly to consumers. Some manufacturers are opening retail stores while others are selling online. This marks a big shift from the days when manufacturers used to help retailers sell their products. Retailers are struggling to hold onto market share in this new ecosystem and are looking for ways to improve their marketing and customer loyalty.

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