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Marketing to International Tourists on the Rise

With the summer travel season on the horizon, industry operators ranging from hotels to entertainment venues should be prepping their marketing strategies. U.S. consumers may be feeling the pinch of higher taxes and gas prices and pulling back on travel plans, but there’s one group of tourists who anticipate spending heavily this summer – international visitors. Travel-related services can increase their business by advertising to this market.

Marketers to Increase Localization of Social and Mobile Campaigns

Last year, research firm Balihoo pointed out the difficulty that large marketers face when they try to advertise on the local level. These enterprises know they can better compete with local businesses and increase sales when they engage with customers on a personalized basis. New research from the CMO Council explains how enterprises can go about this process.

Marketers to Target Women who Want, not Need Deals

The daily deal industry may be in a turmoil after Groupon reported poor results last week and ousted its CEO. But Groupon’s lackluster performance doesn’t mean the market for deals has disappeared. As the economy recovers, consumer attitudes toward deals may be shifting to one of want instead of need.

More Restaurants Marketing Through Gift Cards

During the holidays and other major gift-giving occasions, consumers often struggle with what to buy for the favorite people on their lists. This is especially true if the recipient has a house stuffed full of material goods. One way around this problem is to give a restaurant gift card.

Purpose Campaigns Delivering More Loyalty for Marketers

Last month I blogged about the evolving nature of celebrity marketing. Enterprises have gone far beyond traditional endorsements and are giving celebrities official titles and in some cases seeking their input in product development. A similar evolution is underway in the world of cause marketing.

Large Retailers To Promote More Locally-Sourced Foods

Food retailers are hoping to increase their sales volume of locally sourced goods. This strategy can improve customer loyalty as the stores tap into the growing desire to ‘eat local’. However, marketers will need to carefully craft their messages to gain creditability with shoppers.

Marketers to Increase Use of Promotional Products

Marketers have long turned to promotional products to keep their name in front of consumers and purchasing agents at companies who are in a position to place large orders. Distributing these branded gifts is a common practice at conventions and trade shows. New research confirms that promotional products give marketers a boost at the time of distribution and in the long run.

Large Retailers Rethinking Thanksgiving Weekend Promotions

Retailers are feeling better about the future. For many, the future will include a bigger digital presence. A new BDO USA survey indicates that retailers have reviewed what worked and didn’t work in 2012 with respect to increasing sales. Most are prepared to make some changes to improve their results in 2013.

Packaging to Gain Bigger Role as Marketing Tool

Packaging allows consumers to transport and use the contents of what they are buying. But the style and color, along with other details of packaging, work as marketing tools. Consumers will often purchase a product based on packaging alone so this behavior should have enterprises paying more attention to the advertising benefits of this marketing vehicle.

Marketers to Explore New Avenue for Celebrity Sponsorship

Celebrity sponsorship used to be all about paying a famous sports figure or entertainer to hawk a product. These days, consumers are increasingly suspicious of arrangements based solely on money. Some brands are responding by changing the nature of their relationship with celebrities.

Food Store Marketing to Address Changing Culture

In the past few years, consumers have embarked on a new kind of relationship with food. Marketers that capitalize on the changing trend can increase their sales. For many enterprises, this means expanding beyond the 'mom' target in marketing as well as learning the new definitions of cooking.

Toy Industry Promoting New Trends in 2013

The toy industry, exclusive of videogames, generates revenue of over $20 billion a year. Retailers who order and sell the toys that match the hottest trends of the year can steal market share from their competitors. Based on the trends revealed at last week’s Toy Industry Association, marketers will have plenty of opportunity to promote new items this year.

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