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Auto Dealerships to Chase Repair Service, Increase Regional Branding Efforts

The automotive industry is enjoying a solid recovery after a few rocky years. But dealers can't afford to become complacent about the future. Based on an industry press conference held in Illinois last week, dealers are likely to take some big steps in advertising this year.

B2B Gift Card Marketing on the Rise

Gift cards have become a go-to item for shoppers who are in a hurry or just don’t know what to buy for that special person on their list. It turns out that gift cards are also growing as must-have items for businesses who want to reward employees or curry favor with other businesses. This trend means that marketers may be shifting some of their gift-card promotions to the B2B market.

Multi-Use Consumer Electronics Device Marketing to Grow

Consumers have embraced electronic gadgets with open arms and wallets. Despite intense competition and advertising by marketers to establish brand dominance, research shows that shoppers remain flexible. However, they do show a preference for specific types of devices and these preferences should guide product development and marketing in the coming year.

Food Trade Promotions Moving to Every-Day-Low-Price Model

Shoppers are proving stubborn about holding onto their recession-induced shopping behaviors. This tendency is making it challenging for CPG manufacturers and retailers to increase profit margins and revenue. These marketers will be adjusting their trade promotion and pricing strategies to improve their outcomes this year.

Grocers Prepare to Roll Out Name-Brand Meal Solutions

One way to tell that the recession is truly over is to consider restaurant traffic, from the perspective of grocery stores. Grocers and other food service operators have noticed that fewer consumers are stopping by the deli and prepared food counters these days. This trend has grocers preparing to amp up their retailer meal solutions (RMS) and the related promotions.

Circulars and Flyers to Continue Influencing Shopper Behavior

American shoppers love their smartphones. The use of smartphones is growing for activities like downloading or scanning coupons. However, marketers shouldn’t be too quick to cut down their use of circulars and flyers as shoppers are still using these traditional tools.

Endurance Events Attracting Sponsorship Dollars

Advertisers continue to look for new ways to put themselves in front of consumers without directly selling to them. Sponsorship of sports and related events has long been a popular way to connect with consumers while they are enjoying themselves. One of the newer trends in this sector is to sponsor endurance events.

Marketers Aim for Ad Strategies to Differentiate Brand, Product

Who can blame marketers for feeling frustrated as they try to keep up with the rapidly changing world of selling and advertising. Many enterprises are barely managing social media and now they’re being told to improve content marketing and their use of big data if they want to stay afloat. The experts at Ipsos ASI are advising marketers to step back and consider the big picture before they rush into applying the latest trends to their businesses.

Food Marketers Preparing to Promote New Trends

Whether retailers are ready or not, consumers are constantly changing their attitudes and shopping behaviors. Marketers who tap into leading consumer trends can position themselves to reap higher sales. To understand what some of these trends will be in the food retailing sector this year, it's helpful to look at the projections released by Daymon Worldwide analysts.

Change in Coupon Marketing Strategies May Lead to Falling Redemption

Coupons, both in availability and redemption, came back in a big way at the height of the recession. In the past year or so, marketers have been issuing nearly the same number of coupons. However, the products being promoted through coupons are changing, signaling that marketers are using a new strategy with consumers.

CSPs to Increase Marketing Partnerships with OTTs

Communications service providers (CSPs) went from having a lock on the market to panic mode in a short period of time. The market disruption created by Over the Top (OTT) services – think Skype and Facebook — threaten the long-term outlook for CSPs unless something is done. Increasingly, this something is marketing partnerships between CSPs and OTTs, a development that was unthinkable even a year ago.

High-Performers Spend More on Marketing, Especially Digital

Everybody wants to be a star, especially enterprises who are competing for a bigger share of the marketplace. Companies that spend more on specific types of advertising are more likely to be high performers, or stars. To some, this might sound like a broad generalization but there’s now solid research to back up this claim.

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