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Choose Carefully: Logos can Promote or Destroy a Brand

Regardless of whether you’re creating a brand’s very first logo or redesigning the current one, logos are a crucial part of a brand’s identity. Logos are often the first part of a brand consumers will see and can affect how a customer will view that brand.

Nearly Half of Marketers Need Help With Media Mix

It’s a challenge every business owner faces. How much of their marketing budget should be spent on branding versus short-term promotions?

Color Selection to Play a Bigger Role in Branding Campaigns

In branding campaigns, marketers seek to make an emotional connection with consumers. This connection serves to strengthen the loyalty a consumer feels to the company’s products and services. To generate emotions, marketers appeal to consumers visually, especially with the colors they use in logos, on the products, and on packages.

B2B Operators to Strengthen Branding at More Touch Points

Earlier this week, I highlighted a study that noted the lengthening B2B sales cycle. B2B operators are also struggling to refine their marketing campaigns to drive enough good sales leads at the top of the funnel. While the need to emphasize brand is paramount, enterprises also must understand which tactics are working best and put resources into them to increase leads.

TV Replacement Cycle to Speed Up

Economic worries may have consumers keeping a close watch on the family budget but there’s one line of products that people are ready to shop for: TVs. Ongoing technology changes are prompting consumers to replace their TVs more frequently. To generate higher sales, marketers must the features consumers want.

Charitable Organizations Show More Transparency in Marketing Appeals

Consumers are still giving to their favorite charities and causes in the U.S. But with so many of these nonprofit organizations struggling because of cutbacks from government agencies, the need to raise cash to fund their programs is growing. New research has just been released that shows the best ways for nonprofit groups to promote themselves and their need for donations.

Improving Real Estate Market to Generate Ad Spending

Nobody is predicting that the real estate market is going to roar back. But there are glimmers of hope for an improved outlook as this year’s selling season begins. The latest forecast from Robert Charles Lessor Co. (RCLCO) shows some sectors are in full recovery while others are headed in that direction within the next 6 to 12 months.

Green is the Color of New Home Marketing, Renovations

Despite a subdued outlook for new home sales across the U.S., some builders are finding ways to improve their visibility in the local marketplace. It’s all about being green. More builders are using the green angle in their marketing for both new builds and renovations. This trend is expected to continue through at least 2016.

Candidates and PACs to Boost Online Outreach

As political candidates and political action committees (PACs) begin to fire up their advertising machines, they’ll want to know where voters are likely to be getting their information on the upcoming election. Voters are turning to a variety of media formats to educate themselves on the issues. One important finding of a new study by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press contains some surprising information about these sources.

Auto Makers Shift Promotional Strategies to Improve Retention Rates

Auto makers and dealers have long relied on repeat business to drive a significant portion of their sales. But lately, more consumers are switching brands. These defections have caught the auto makers’ attention and they’re changing their promotional strategies to appeal to both old and new customers.

Display and Social Media Campaigns to be Adjusted for Branding Purposes

Welcome to the world of adolescence in online advertising. That’s the message from researchers at Collective. In the firm’s 5th annual Display Advertising Study, analysts point out that both marketers and agencies are adjusting their strategies with respect to display and social media as the online format evolves.

More Quick-Serve Establishments to Market Catering Services

Restaurants have long offered take-out service. And consumers have made that option popular as they have sought ways to keep down their restaurant tabs during the recession. As the economy recovers, more restaurants are looking for new revenue streams. Many quick-serve and fast-casual operators are exploring catering and tweaking their marketing campaigns to reach a new segment of the population looking for the next level of convenience in food service.

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