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Major Brands Renew Focus on Local Marketing Efforts

Big brands spend plenty of money focusing on their national campaigns. They know they need to make an impression at the local market level, too. At least 80% are spending more or the same level of local marketing dollars in 2014 as they did last year. But, Balihoo, in its Local Digital Marketing study, notes that only 7% are satisfied with their local campaigns and measurement abilities.

Brands Tap Into New Consumer Trends to Remain Relevant

Are consumers burning out on being constantly connected? Mindshare analysts think so. In its 2014 Culture Vulture report, the company shows that consumers feel overwhelmed by technology. This is just one of several trends that brands should be paying attention to this year.

Brands Aim for Guru Status with Gen Y Shoppers

Targeting prospective customers solely by age group has fallen out of fashion as marketers have been able to more clearly identify audience attributes in recent years. Age does matter in some circumstances, though, especially in terms of the relationships consumers have with brands. The GfK Brand Benchmark Study reveals that Gen X and Gen Y consumers value brands differently, largely because of the current life stage they are in, and smart marketers are seeking specific kinds of relationships to maximize revenue with these potential customers.

Large Brands Increase Commitment to Mobile

Earlier this week, I cited ZenithOptimedia’s data on the strong future for mobile advertising. Those statistics are supported by Ovum data produced for the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB). 32% of major brands surveyed by Ovum are spending at least $300,00 on mobile annually and growth in the format is likely to surge next year.

Automakers and Dealers to Promote Trouble-free Ownership Experience

Automakers are busily adding new features to their latest vehicle models. And, this year, more consumers are in the market for a new vehicle, so some of the added features may be important from a competitive standpoint. To understand which features to promote in their ad campaigns, automakers and dealers might want to check out the newly released survey from NADA.

Social Media Use to Boost Brand Campaigns on Traditional Media

Media companies are seeking ways to connect with consumers who use social media while watching TV. Knowing who uses social media and in which ways can help media companies sell their programming to marketers. A new TVB study released on this topic, 2013 Cultural Currency, has identified how consumers are engaging with specific social platforms as they watch TV.

Brands to Market Through Publishing as Social Media Grows

Large companies are positioning themselves to take on key roles as service providers in the booming social media industry. Brands will be using these services to improve their social media performance and publishing potential. But they’ll also be looking to cut spending further on traditional media in order to pay for the costs associated with social media management.

Event Marketing to Benefit from Social Media

With social media playing a bigger role in the everyday life of consumers, it’s easy to see how the format will expand its footprint to events for brand marketers. New research shows that social media is proving to be a valuable tool with respect to event planning, execution and measurement.

Brands Courting Consumer “Likes” on Social Media

Consumers will often buy the brands recommended by friends and family members. In the offline world, this behavior is labeled word of mouth. In the digital world, researchers are finding a link between the brands consumers purchase and those that are followed by friends and family on social networks.

Traditional Media Leads for Introducing Brands to Consumers

Leading edge marketers may like to believe that consumers are learning about new brands through social media. But new research shows that’s not always the case. Further, consumers only occasionally mention brands in their social media posts.