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2 Misconceptions About You That are Hurting Your Sales

As easy as it is to point your fin­ger at a prospect when a sale that should have been fool-proof doesn’t close, have you ever stopped to con­sid­er maybe you’re the rea­son it fell through?

Losing Sales? These Are the Likely Reasons

Do you find that you are los­ing a notable num­ber of sales? If so, it’s time to exam­ine what is caus­ing the loss­es and how to fix it. Rather than blame lack of inter­est by prospect or tight bud­gets, you might want to take a look at oth­er caus­es.

Manage Smarter 08 — Michael Tracy: Why Sales Managers Must Teach Tactics

Michael Tra­cy is the co-author of the world­wide best-selling book "Unlim­it­ed Sales Suc­cess." As the Founder of Sales Jour­ney, Michael has recruit­ed, trained, man­aged and moti­vat­ed many top sales forces to help them achieve mil­lions in sales results. In episode 08, Michael dis­cuss­es why sell­ing for time is a crit­i­cal step and why imple­ment­ing it in teams is bet­ter lead­er­ship; flat vs hier­ar­chi­cal org struc­tures — which is bet­ter for mil­len­ni­als?; and how his approach varies from that of his famous father, Bri­an Tra­cy.