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Satellite TV Providers to Target Cable Subscribers Whose Fees are Rising

"It’s probably no surprise that pay-TV packages are more expensive this year than in 2018, reports Consumer Reports. Prices rise every year. But you might be surprised at the size of the increase once you get your bill."

Where TV Advertisers Should be Placing Ads

Consumers are no longer turning to only one form of TV to meet their needs. With all the video services available to the public now, TV advertisers have to stay on top of viewing trends in order to get their ads viewed.

Which Media Format Captures the Biggest Share of SMB Ad Budgets?

On average, local small- and medium-sized businesses spend thousands more on broadcast and cable TV advertisements than on online ads every year.

Video! AE Travels The World of Co-op to Connect with Bike Shop

This month's Sell Smarter! Award Video features Matt Centner of Comcast Spotlight.

Video! AE Prospects by Month to Engage Local Bridal Shop

This month's Sell Smarter Awards features Jessica Davis & Leanne Dedow of Spectrum Reach.

‘Get Out and Ride’ Event Gets the Deal Closed for AE" rel="bookmark"> Get Out and Ride’ Event Gets the Deal Closed for AE

Matt Centner’s account had been around the block – since 1975, to be exact – and historically did not invest much in local advertising. The Comcast Spotlight Pueblo account executive was all too familiar with the up-hill road battle this bike dealer waged in the Colorado community each day to keep its seat at the top.

AE Prospects by Month to Engage Local Bridal Shop

Account Executive Jessica Davis knows the wedding market in Louisville, Ky. is fierce. Working for Spectrum Reach for 5+ years, she understands the competition small business owners face, especially when entering the market. One such business was on her radar.

Cable Ad Cord Cutter Plugs Back in with Record Sales Month

An automotive dealer in College Station, Texas had not done business with Suddenlink Media/Altice USA in years. Chris Carter was determined to change that. After conversations about the three brands he sells, she uncovered the dealer’s reluctance. He was not confident Suddenlink could deliver his message to the right consumer.

Sell Smarter! Award Video Highlights 'AdMall Queen'

Comcast Spotlight Account Executive Lisa Stutzman has two CREDIT unions in her account pipeline she wanted to grow. Each institution has three locations in the Jackson, Mississippi market. One SPECIFICALLY wanted to position branches as better alternatives to TRADITIONAL banking.

Co-op Dollars Land the Deal for Texas MSO

Account Executive Jeannie Evans called on a small local feed store in her Longview, Texas territory for Suddenlink. The business operator told her he had no money for marketing. Having sold media for more than four years, she was not going to let that objection stand in her way.

Mapping Secures $17,000 Cable Buy from Military Credit Union

Viamedia Research Coordinator Marc Elmore had a hunch he could target niche customers for a military credit union in his region with AdMall in his arsenal. “They have a unique target for their advertising, which is often hard to find,” Elmore explained.