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Towable Campers Retailers to Upsell to Shoppers

"Whether you’ve been hauling large trailers for years or you’re about to embark on your first family vacation with a small travel trailer, towing isn’t something to be taken lightly, says Consumer Reports."

Adventure Inspires RV/Camper Trends for 2018

Lately, RVs have taken on a whole new life with many different sizes and options, add-ons and innovations. So what can adventure-hungry travelers expect to see in 2018? GoRVing​.com editors have the run down. Expected trends: smaller RVs; unique floorplans; integrated tech; #Vanlife attitudes and influencers making the camper cool again.

Top Five 2018 Experiential Travel Trends in Glamping

Over the last decade and more, the glamourous camping or “Glamping” trend has grown up and graduated to its own category of travel. Through a host of informational sources, online search data and consumer response, the team of experts at GLAMPING​.COM have distilled their predictions on the top glamping travel trends – or continued growth interest areas – for 2018.

Warmer Weather, Interest in Outdoors Spurs Growth in Camping Equipment Sales

The fall and winter months are more commonly associated with warm coats than camping tents, but with 2015 being the second warmest year on record in the U.S. (behind 2012), annual outerwear sales were flat and camping-related equipment helped to grow the outdoor industry in 2015, according to global information company The NPD Group.