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Retailers Targeting Tax Service Clients Who Plan to Spend Refunds

"Valas­sis, a leader in acti­vat­ing con­sumers through intel­li­gent media deliv­ery, today released new research ana­lyz­ing con­sumer behav­ior relat­ed to tax sea­son. Stem­ming from a sur­vey of more than 1,000 U.S. respon­dents who expect to receive a tax refund in 2019, the find­ings note that more than half (53%) are antic­i­pat­ing receiv­ing the same, or more, mon­ey this year."

22 Million Americans Included the Internet in Their Vehicle Shopping Process Last Year

"Thanks to the inter­net, research­ing a car has nev­er been eas­i­er. What used to take days trav­el­ing from deal­er to deal­er now takes min­utes as poten­tial pur­chasers cruise web­sites and forums to view details on new mod­els, check deal­er inven­to­ry and pric­ing, read reviews and even nego­ti­ate entire trans­ac­tions."