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Dentists to Promote Connection Between Oral Health and Improved Cardio Health

"Taking good care of your teeth — including twice-daily brushing and at least yearly professional cleanings — seems to be linked to better heart health, according to a study in the April 7 European Heart Journal."

Cardiologists to Target Heart Attack Survivors Who Require Regular Monitoring

"According to a recent online survey conducted by Ipsos on behalf of MDVIP, a national network of primary care doctors who focus on delivering personalized medicine, patient-centered medicine and preventive care, nearly nine in ten adults say that if they were to experience a heart attack tomorrow, it would make them feel anxious about their future health (89%) and concerned about having another heart attack (88%)."

Sporting Goods Stores Helping Customers Walk to Improve Heart Health

"Walking can be a wonderful way to get exercise. But do you ever wonder if you're moving briskly enough to benefit your heart? There's a quite a difference between a leisurely neighborhood stroll and a purposeful gait when you're late for the bus. Now, new research suggests that a pace of about 100 steps per minute qualifies as brisk walking for many people, reports Harvard Health Publishing."

Doctors Reveal Reproductive Risk Factors Women Face for Heart Disease and Stroke

A recent study reveals reproductive risk factors women face for heart disease and stroke. Practitioners can develop ad campaigns to raise awareness and inspire checkups. Dr. Lela Emad of the Women’s OB/GYN Medical Group talks about the new study while emphasizing that health care providers need to be vigilant about screening women for cardiovascular disease.

Doctors Denote When Heart Palpitations are Dangerous

"Heart palpitations can be alarming, but are they dangerous? In the most literal sense, palpitations are simply an awareness of your heart beating, says Dr. William Stevenson, professor of medicine at Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women’s Hospital. The most familiar trigger for palpitations is heavy exercise, such as when you pedal extra hard to summit the last computerized hill in your indoor cycling class."

6.7% Expect to Visit Cardiologists in 2015

Television and radio advertising in the health care industry is taking a slight backseat these days to social media and individualized direct advertising. While total spending on health care appears to be holding steady the past few years, the percentage devoted to TV, radio and print advertising has declined