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82% of Parents Want Children to Swim by Age 5

In honor of National Water Safety Month, a national survey commissioned by Swimways Corp., a leading pool and outdoor recreational products manufacturer, revealed that more than 4 out of 5 parents understand that learning to swim by age 5 increases a child’s self-confidence. However, 88% of parents were unaware that learning to swim before age 5 can also aid in the development of mathematical skills. In addition, the survey found that only 14% of parents understand that swimming can help develop oral expression, and less than half of those surveyed understood that swimming can boost children’s social skills.

Animal, Children and Hunger are the Three Causes Americans are the Most Eager to Support

According to a new study, animal welfare is the most popular cause for Americans in 2018, followed by children’s education and hunger. Ketchum Purpose’s Causes Americans Care About study, now in its third year, also shows that the overall cause landscape has become more fragmented, with support spread over a wider variety of causes in 2018 than in 2017 or 2016.

Sports Instruction Programs Help Kids Follow Path to Active Adulthood

Of Americans who received physical education (PE) in school, a vast majority are active as adults and more than one-third are active to at least a “healthy level,” according to the Physical Activity Council’s (PAC) recently released 2018 Participation Report.

Reading Aloud Linked to Reduced Parental Stress

“The value of reading to our kids — for them and us — is reinforced by the growing body of research on the topic. Just last week, a meta-analysis of 19 studies published in the journal Pediatrics found that reading aloud was significantly beneficial to children and their parents.”

Children Influence Nearly Half of Purchases Made for Them

According to a new study conducted by The NPD Group, of the total dollars spent on kids in July 2010, 49% was spent on items specifically requested by the children. Most of the dollars spent on music, sporting goods and video games were on products requested by the child, with girls being more likely to request apparel and books, and boys to ask for sporting goods and video games. Almost two-thirds of dollars spent on kids came from their parents. Even in a non-holiday month, grandparents comprised 19% of overall spending particularly for the baby/infant, gift card, and toy categories. “Purchases for kids are a big part of a family’s budget. The way parents allocate their spending against their kids really varies by season, and is heavily influenced by the child’s age and gender, and this is important for companies that service the kids market to understand in order to best allocate their resources,” said Anita Frazier, industry analyst, The NPD Group.

Marketers May Shift Techniques to Match Kids’ Search Patterns

Search engine providers and marketers have built up an entire industry based on key words which support robust e-commerce activity. Consumers have been trained to use key words in their searches in order to streamline results. Just as marketers have developed expertise in managing this process, a new study indicates that the younger consumers are employing search in a whole different way.

Child’s Health Motivates Parents To Buy, And Stay, Organic

Parents’ primary motivation in purchasing organic products is health related. Some 55% of parents who buy organic do so because they believe them to be “healthier for me and for my children,” according to the Organic Trade Association. New parents, in particular, are increasingly finding that their newborn serves as the impetus to go organic. They begin to serve it as the child’s first meal and gradually increase their commitment as the child grows.

New Survey Offers Insight into Parents’ Attitudes About Vision Correction

Parents and children don’t always see eye to eye when it comes to vision correction, according to a survey of parents of vision-corrected children 8-17 years old conducted by Fairfield Research among members of the Good Housekeeping Reader Advisory Panel on behalf of ACUVUE Brand Contact Lenses.

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