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Retailers to Promote Products to Keep Children Away from Household Dangers

“Of the more than two million calls to U.S. poison control centers in 2017, 45% concerned kids 6 and younger, according to the latest data from the American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC).”

Sales of Children’s Furnishings, Accessories and Toys Regain Momentum

The combined U.S. retail sales of children’s home furnishings, portable accessories, and toys are ascending by more than 5% during 2010 to reach a record $18 billion by year’s end, according to new research by Packaged Facts. In the realm of luxury goods, many brands are experiencing stronger sales in 2010 and the infant, toddler and preschooler (ITP) durables market appears to be benefiting from affluent or wealthy Americans’ return to spending, post-recession. In addition, the pre-recession, recession, and recovery eras have opened up a “mid-luxury” tier for ITP durables. Many marketers of expensive ITP goods have issued intermediate-priced versions of their products to accommodate Americans whose lifestyles have been disrupted by the shaky economy. And consumers have indeed met such marketers halfway by purchasing strollers in the $500 – $600 range instead of spending $1,200 for example. Packaged Facts forecasts U.S. retail sales of ITP furnishings, accessories, and toys will exceed $22 billion as of 2015, conditional upon the country’s continued recovery from the economic recession of 2008-2009.