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Marketers Already Planning for the 2010 Holiday Season

Most marketers attribute the traditional holiday season with about 35% of annual revenue. Then there are other retailers like Wine​.com, recently highlighted in an Internet Retailer article, which count on the holidays to generate up to 80% of revenue. The importance of this season means that many businesses spend a good part of the calendar year getting ready for what they hope will be a busy time. And 2010 will be different for marketers with an online presence because of several new trends.

The Toy Insider Releases "Hot 20" Picks for 2009 Holiday Season

Retailers are looking for ways to boost revenue after last year's disappointing holiday shopping season. This year parents again will look for bargains and toy manufacturers are responding with lower prices. The Toy Insider's recently released "Hot 20" list of toys all retail for under $100; half of the toys retail for $30 or less. Toys based on movie and television properties will be popular this holiday, as will toys that connect to virtual worlds on the Internet.

Half of Adults Plan to Spend $300 or More on Holiday Gifts This Year

In spite of the new trend of holiday in July shopping deals, early holiday sales are doing little to get Americans into the spirit of spending on gifts this year. Only about half of American adults (54%) plan to spend $300 or more on holiday gifts, a striking 10% decrease from what Americans last year said they typically spend, according to a survey commissioned by ING DIRECT.

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