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2020 State of Media Sales Webinar from AdMall SalesFuel and BIA Advisory Services

On-Demand Webinar: 2020 State of Media Sales

What’s on the minds of local media sellers as they operate in a post COVID marketplace? Where do they expect to find ad revenue? What verticals will have the most potential in Q3 and Q4 in 2020? This webinar shares findings from the April 2020 study of media sales professionals about the past year and current, unusual conditions — plus BIA's latest post COVID estimates. The expert panel of C. Lee Smith (SalesFuel), Lisa Rigsby (AdMall) and Celine Matthiessen (BIA) provide analysis and good news for media sellers.


Why Your Clients Should be Advertising at the Cinema

A night out at the cinema is a way for consumers to socialize and experience something new on the big screen. This activity also poses a big opportunity for your clients to make an impression on movie goers.

Total Movie Theater Receipts Increased 6.4%

The U.S. Census Bureau released data from the 2012 Economic Census showing that receipts for the nation‰Ûªs motion picture and video industry (NAICS 5121) ‰ÛÒ covering the entire process from production to projection ? increased $1.2 billion (1.5%), from $79.8 billion in 2007 to $81 billion in 2012.

Cinema-Based Ads to Increase Audience Engagement

More marketers may soon be looking into cinema-based advertising. Who can blame them? Audiences are primed to enjoy a movie and, apparently, their good mood also makes them good prospects for advertisers.

Movie Theaters Maintain High Emotional Attachment

As more consumers visit movie theaters, marketers have an opportunity to get their message in front of a captive audience that can’t fast forward through the video. And, consumers seem to be particularly receptive to brand messages delivered in movie theaters. It’s all about Emotional Attachment (EA). And NewMediaMetrics 360 Cross Platform Study findings show that consumer attachment to movies exceeds their attachment to other media forms.

Cinema Advertising Predicted to Increase

Cinema advertising continues to be part of the media mix for marketers at the national, regional and local levels. In 2008, marketers spent $571.4 billion on cinema advertising marking a 5.8% increase over 2007 spending. The Cinema Advertising Council (CAC) notes that this healthy market for advertising should continue through 2009 and beyond as box office numbers have been growing this year.

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