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What Makes Email Marketing Successful in 2019?

After analyzing four billion emails across 19 industries in 126 countries, GetResponse has found new data about the most effective ways to utilize email marketing. How do your clients compare?

How to Help Clients Use Click-to-Call to Score Revenue

Click-to-call revenue is set to reach a global high of $13.7 billion within the next two years, are your clients’ mobile sites and mobile search ads ready to fulfill customers’ calling expectations?

Marketers Still Turning to Clicks to Measure Online Ad Results

Analysts who track the effectiveness of online advertising talk about the many ways that marketers can measure the return on their investment. And when surveyed on the types of tools they use, many marketers indicate that conversion rates are the most accurate metric. Even on a global basis, marketers say they look at details such as registrations or the number of page reviews to determine the success of their online advertising efforts. Why then are so many marketers still using click-throughs as a way to measure the ROI for online advertising?