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Highlighting Social Responsibility to Increase Ad Receptivity

Are your clients highlighting their social responsibility efforts in their advertising campaigns? If the answer is no, they’re missing an opportunity to gain new business from and solidify continuous business from existing customers who share those views.

Rachel Cagle February 20, 2019 Media + Marketing Tags:

Consumer Search Behavior Linked to Age, Engine Used

How are your clients’ paid search campaigns working out? If you think the results could be better, you may be surprised to learn that the consumer’s age plays a role in whether they click on a paid search ad.

83% of Businesses Say They’re Achieving Digital Marketing Goals

Are your clients up to speed on digital marketing? The new Digital Marketing 2018 survey from Clutch reveals how successful retailers are managing all things digital.

Over 60% of SMBs Use Outside Experts for PPC

With so many large businesses in the PPC market, can a small business expect a return on a big investment in search? A new Clutch survey shows how digital marketing services can help SMBs succeed at search.

Clutch: 80% of Consumers Favor Restaurant, Food Ads

Clutch recently surveyed 1,030 consumers to find out what they like about ads. Here’s what they learned.

Clutch: Over 55% of Businesses Hire Experts for SEO

Some of your clients may still be having trouble understanding the difference between SEO and paid search. But, when done correctly, the combined use of SEO and paid search can deliver outstanding ROI.

TV Ads Rule as Top Millennial Influencer

Consumers have a love-hate relationship with advertising. They don’t always appreciate having their content interrupted by an ad. But, good ad campaigns, released in a variety of formats, catch consumers’ attention and sway their purchases.