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How Do Your New Sales Reps Spend Their First Week on the Job?

To help your new hire succeed, you must focus on the right kind of training during the very first week. Jesse Davis, writing for SalesForce, tells you how to make sure your new salesperson is ready to hit the ground running.

Foolproof Sales Training

Three thousand business owners were surveyed about their training practices and asked to relate those practices to productivity. They found that education produces twice the gain in productivity and efficiency than money spent on tools and machinery.

Investing in the Sales Process – Coaching and Metrics for Success

Sales team performance impacts the corporate bottom line. New data-driven sales enablement platforms assist sales leaders with onboarding, training & motivating salespeople. They give companies control of turnover, so they can deliberately focus on the most productive members, improving retention. Learn about them in this free white paper from BIA and SalesFuel.

Does Your Coaching Style Include This One Key Behavior?

When we think of traditional coaches, we envision an expert showing and telling us how to accomplish our goals. In the workplace, managerial coaching of key employees calls for a different strategy.

How to Deliver Negative Feedback that Doesn’t Hurt

When it’s time to deliver negative feedback to a team member, the way you handle the situation as a manager can make a big difference.

What One Thing Do Your Millennial Workers Crave?

If you’re new to managing millennials, you might need to change your strategy to succeed. The results of a new Gallup poll show what makes these team members happy on the job.

Basketball Zen and the Art of Hiring Your Next Sales Pro

There’s nothing more nerve wracking than hiring a new salesperson to fit into your team. You can score a win by following the practice of Coach Jay Wright at Villanova and look for hungry and humble.

Are You Coaching or Micromanaging?

Are you micromanaging your employees? Looking over their shoulders, scheduling meetings to review policies and procedures and making sure they’re toeing the line? Big mistake, cautions Michael Abrashoff.

Does That Failing Employee Deserve a Second Chance?

You’ve caught one of your employees playing online poker again instead of working. It might be time to let that employee go. Or maybe you should you give him a second chance.

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