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Competition with Others

You might be tempted to say: "What's wrong with a little competition?" Nothing's wrong with it.

Manage Smarter 85: Bridging the C‑Suite Gender Gap

The first of a two part interview with Tricia Benn is the Executive Vice-President of the C‑Suite Network and General Manager of The Hero Club, an invitation-only membership organization for CEOs, founders, and investors. As Global Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer and U.S. Managing Director within MDC Partners, a $3 billion global holding company, Benn’s leadership drove double digit growth year-over-year and new contracts with some of the most important impact players in the world. In this episode, we discuss: Tips for C‑Suite women on how to compete; what executive women need to start doing and stop doing; The Hero Leadership Model; and
playing on the same playing field to bridge the gender gap.

Dancing with the Competition? Watch your Step.

Competition is a lot like an unknown snake. Potentially poisonous, not someone you want to get real close to, it's best to know all you can about them, respect 'em, and always carry a snake bite kit with you — just in case.

Show Me The Value!

Your value is infinitely more important than your price. To separate yourself from competitive options, you must establish an environment in which your prospect can clearly see the value and expertise that you provide.

Specialization is How Small Agencies Can Win Business from Big Ones

It’s difficult being a small ad agency going up against the big kids on the block. However, that may be because a lot of smaller agencies overlook this key competitive advantage.

If You Would Do It Later — Why Wouldn't You Do It Now?

Are you in the field or do you lead the field? Your innovative proactive actions will determine your fate. And your field position. Be first.

Selling Against the Competition

Companies which don’t understand their competitive advantage say things like, “Our product is better quality,” or “Our service is better.” You have to define quality or show how your service differs from the competition.

Are You Tracking Competitors as Part of Your Sales Process?

If you’ve just been handed a list of leads for the year, you probably can’t wait to get out there and start pitching your service. Before you rush to get in front of a prospect, consider the advice of Richard Ruff, co-founder of Sales Horizon, who writes for SalesTrainingConnection.

Do You Know Who the Competition is?

It’s important to find out exactly what’s going on behind closed doors at the account. Then, use the strategy suggested by Victor Cheng to save the sale.

More Selling Tips for Recession Conditions

"…in a recession ‘value' takes on a different meaning in the eyes of the client," writes sales consultant Paul Collins in a recent article for Rain Today. Collins presents eight tips to boost your business's value during this rough economic time.

Putting all your eggs in one basket

If you've been making your bread-and-butter from the Sports industry, and that industry falls victim to hard times, you need to "Get Smart, Fast" in some of the other 370+ business out there.