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How to Really Connect At Your Next Conference

Getting ready to kick off conference season? Even if you’re a seasoned pro, you likely could still benefit from tips on how to get the most from each event.

How to Get More From Industry Events

Attending conferences and other events is valuable to sales reps, thanks to the plentiful opportunities for leads, networking, and new insights. But those opportunities don’t come cheap — or easy.

How to Network Like a Pro at Conferences

The conferences you attend can be a great way to learn something new. Even if the sessions don't turn out to be what you hoped for, these industry events give you the opportunity to connect with the right people.

Hotels and Motels to Promote Themselves as Meeting Destinations

Now that the business travel market has perked up, hotels and resorts, especially those operating in destination, sense opportunity. The findings from the latest State of the Meeting industry survey, published by Destination Hotels and Resorts, suggest that industry operators can boost business by as much as 20% next year. But hotels will need to market to conference planners to win this business.