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Women Want Marketers to Understand Them; Marketers' Blog Outreach Efforts Must Be a Good Fit

Many marketers now comfortable with social media and the power of online product reviews have also started to lose their timidity about approaching bloggers. In fact, some women bloggers report marketers may be becoming overeager. Ketchum, conducting a survey of registrants for July's annual BlogHer conference found that nearly one-half of respondents were contacted by PR professionals weekly. A further 30% got such messages on a daily basis.

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Today's Generations Seeking Up-to-date Versions of Comfort Food

Aging Boomers and diverse Gen Yers are finding new ways to fulfill their comfort food cravings, according to the Generational Comfort Food Culinary Trend Mapping Report. The survey confirmed that consumers are passionate about their comfort foods, many of which stem from childhood favorites. In today's changing food world, however, these dishes are evolving in sync with new values and lifestyles.

Consumers Start BTS Shopping Later This Year, In No Hurry to Shop

The NPD Group, Inc. sees that for back-to-school 2009 consumers will continue to slow their spending but that the decrease won't be as big as the one seen in 2008. Overall, consumers tell NPD that they aren't in a hurry to shop. This year there was a 5% increase in the number of consumers saying they either 'haven't started' or 'don't plan to shop' for back-to-school as of July 2009.

Aftermarket In-dash Navigation an Attractive Option to Consumers

According to leading market research company The NPD Group's retail tracking service, in-dash mobile navigation is continuing to see increases even as portable navigation (the most popular segment of the market) is taking a back seat in sales.

Home Gateways Expecting Significant Growth Through 2013

Home gateways — integrated, all-in-one devices that can be the centerpiece of the new digital home — are expected to increase greatly through 2013; accordingly, service providers are seeking ways to differentiate themselves in this market, according to the latest report from Light Reading Insider.

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Restaurant Operators Stand Out from the Crowd with Fresh Produce

Opportunities are on the rise when it comes to using fresh produce on restaurant menus, according to new research conducted by the National Restaurant Association and Produce Marketing Association (PMA). The research highlights produce's expanded options, sourcing and food safety among food service operators.

Boomers Spend More Time Online than Watching Traditional TV

According to the latest ChangeWave survey of business professionals between the ages of 45 and 63 on TV viewing habits vs. home Internet usage, these Boomers spend more free time online than they do watching traditional TV. And, by a five-to-one margin, the amount of traditional TV Boomers are watching versus a year ago is decreasing.

Consumers Show a Glimmer of Hope, but Economy Still a Concern

Fewer consumers expect to reduce their spending on back-to-school items compared to last year, although economic concerns will continue to weigh on their shopping plans, according to a new survey by Deloitte. The number of people on the look out for value is up, as 74% plan to buy more items on sale.

Signs of Recession Recovery Emerge in the Luxury Sector

There are clear signs that the luxury sector of the home furnishings market is recovering from the recession. In the first half of 2009, there has been an increase in spending on luxury home furnishings and decor by affluent consumers, according to the latest tracking study of affluent luxury consumer purchases conducted by Unity Marketing.

"Better for You" Foods to Grow Significantly in the Next Decade" rel="bookmark"> "Better for You" Foods to Grow Significantly in the Next Decade

In its new report, A Look into the Future of Eating, The NPD Group, a leading market research company, forecasts that "better for you" foods, such as consumer-spend-insightsorganic and light or low-calorie foods and beverages, will be among the fastest growing food trends over the next decade.

E‑Commerce Sales Down Through 2009, Expected to Rebound in 2010

U.S. retail e‑commerce sales (excluding travel) will total nearly $132 billion in 2009, down about 0.4% from 2008. Assuming the recession ends this year, as many economists have predicted, eMarketer forecasts that online sales will begin to rebound in 2010 and hit full stride in 2011.

College Students More Likely to Live at Home, Average Spending Increasing Slightly

New research finds that even with the uncertainties the economy continues to present, college-bound students and their families are prepared to shell out a little extra this year.

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