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Why Transparency is Better than Perfection in Sales

Dishonest. It’s one of the words you want to be described as the least while pitching a sale, but is probably how you’re coming off if you’re trying to paint your product or service as perfect, no matter what. That’s the advice Todd Caponi gives salespeople in a recent SellingPower article.

2 Reasons Your Prospects May Not Trust You

James Rores, founder and CEO of Floriss Group, says that 97% of salespeople are not viewed as trustworthy by prospective clients. Instead, they’re seen as self-centered, pushy, and manipulative. Why does this happen?

How to Inspire Your Client's Trust After the Sale is Closed

Trust is difficult to achieve. Clients care about more than your products and services. When you show them you have great problem-solving abilities and won’t waste their time, you’re on your way to building trust.

Consumer Trust in Advertising on the Increase

Marketers can connect with potential clients through owned, earned and paid media. Each of these media formats makes an impact on consumers in a unique way. Nielsen’s research on consumer trust in advertising shows an improving trend and also links trust to a willingness to make purchases.

Consumer Trust in “Discovered” Advertising Prompts Marketers to Change Strategies

Last week, I called attention to a new Gartner study that showed how larger marketers are putting more emphasis on their corporate websites than on social media. If one links consumer trust in marketing to purchase intent, these marketers might be onto something. Another study, from Forrester, suggests most consumers don’t trust brand posts on social media.

Marketers to Emphasize High-Quality Products/Trustworthiness to Improve Reputation

Consumer confidence in the economy may be turning around. But don’t look to consumers for a growing trust in established institutions. Whether it’s corporate America or government agencies, consumer trust has dropped between 2010 and 2011. Last year, 54% of consumers said they trusted business to do what is right. This year that percentage has dropped to 46%. And media companies fare even worse. In 2011, 27% of U.S. consumers trust media outlets to do what is right. That is an 11% drop from 2010. However, there are steps that marketers can take to restore lost trust which could translate to higher sales.

Consumer Levels of Trust may Influence Marketing Strategies

If one measurement of a return to economic stability is rising consumer trust in corporations, things are looking up. The 2010 Edelman Trust Barometer indicates that the number of consumers who trust corporations to do the right thing, in general, grew 18%, from 36% to 54% in the past year.