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On-Demand Webinar: Targeting the 5 Types of Purchase Intent

In this informative webinar, SalesFuel CEO C. Lee Smith discusses these 5 types and offers tips to help business' marketing and sales teams find new, effective ways redefine target audiences and better predict their future purchase behavior.

Ad-ology Insights: Multi-Tasking Consumers, Foodies, and the U.S. Chocolate Market

The October 2010 Ad-ology Insights video briefing features data on Multi-Tasking Consumers, Interests+Attitudes of Foodies, and the growing U.S. Chocolate Market.

New Study Shows Need for Banks, Financial Services to Market Online

Nearly one in 5 U.S consumers aged 18 to 24 cited online video as an influence on their choice of banks. More Consumer Spending logothan one-third was influenced by social media such as positive and negative product reviews, blogs, and social networks according to a recent Ad-ology Research study.