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55% of Decision Makers Use Thought-Leadership Content to Vet Businesses

Are you still having trouble convincing your B2B clients that they need to develop thought-leadership content? They may be hesitating because they don’t understand the kind of impact this content can have on their bottom line. Here is some data to help you change their minds.

Over 50% of B2B Buyers Want to Do Business With a Strong Brand

The sale comes down to trust. Most importantly, the right kind of marketing can develop a buyer’s sense of trust and get a sales rep through the door for that all-important first meeting.

67% of Consumers Value High-Quality Content Marketing

Even when consumers can tell they are looking at content marketing, most (67%) still value it. Especially when it is transparent and of high quality.

The Manifest: Over Half of Businesses Post Digital Content Daily

Over half of businesses, 53%, use content marketing and nearly the same number update their content daily.

Who Are Your Prospects Hiring for Website Maintenance?

A new Manifest survey finds 91% of SMBs regularly update their websites, and they’re looking for outside help with this task.

Top Tactics for Creating Readable Content

In this age of video ads and podcast marketing, should your clients bother to create content that targets readers? Claire Wilson, writing for Marketingprofs​.com, says yes. Here are tips you can use if you’re writing content for clients.

Enterprises Struggle to Optimize Content Marketing

Content marketing remains on the radar screen for many enterprises this year. The strategy is especially effective for B2B marketers. But, optimizing content marketing is a struggle for businesses and Curata’s 2014 Content Marketing Tactics Planner shows the challenges that operators face.

2014 to be the Year of Content Marketing

Will 2014 be the year of content marketing? In a post that appeared on Mashable, Shafqat Islam, the co-founder and CEO of NewsCred, came up with his top ten predictions for what marketers will do with content marketing this year. Islam believes that the high rate of smartphone ownership combined with marketers’ drive to reach more consumers will result in a sharp focus on content and social media marketing.

Marketers to Increase Social Media, Content Investment in 2014

Digital continues its slow but steady gain as a percentage of the total marketing budget. That trend will continue according to the analysts at WebMarketing 123 who have surveyed both B2B and B2C marketers about their 2014 digital plans in their new State of Digital Marketing Report. The surveyed enterprises will focus on 2 key issues regarding digital next year: Discovering which channels are most effective and proving ROI.

B2B Marketers Personalize Content to Match Buying Stages

B2B professionals are under increasing pressure to optimize profits with fewer resources. When they venture in the marketplace to acquire new products and services, sellers must be ready for them. These prospects have limited time to spend on the research and decision-making process. The results of Pardot’s State of Demand Generation report suggest that one way to make a quick connection with a prospect is to offer up content designed for the exact stage in their buying process.

Email Marketers to Focus on Content

As consumers pull back from their email subscriptions to their favorite brands, marketers should be taking a look at what they can do to improve campaign strategies. Crisp subject lines, contact frequency, and content optimization all matter. Some analysts are suggesting that marketers spend more time on these details and less on the mobile versus desktop format issue in order to improve the email campaign effectiveness.

Consumer Spending on Digital Media to Rise

In the early days of the transition from traditional to digital content, providers made a significant amount of information available to consumers for free. The logic behind the decision was all about an ad-supported delivery model. Other producers aimed to hook the audience on limited free content and then encouraged users to update to a paid subscription. According to new PQ Media data, consumers are growing accustomed to the idea of paying for their online content and the devices that allow them to access the information, a trend that bodes well for producers, media sellers, and marketers.

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