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B2C Marketers Make Bigger Commitment to Content Marketing

B2C marketers are still investing in content marketing. Whether it’s native advertising, video blogs, or social media, marketers that sell directly to consumers believe that content strategies are delivering big returns for them. The B2C Content Marketing study jointly released by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs shows how important this format has become.

B2B Marketers to Improve Their Online Promotions, Content

There’s no question that both BtoC and BtoB buyers are spending more time with digital media. B2B marketers have typically spent a significant portion of their ad budgets on printed trade journals to reach their buyers. New research from Acuity Group shows that B2B marketers may begin to add more digital media to their mix to reach younger buyers.

Content Marketers to Seek Optimization

Content marketing will be one of the big buzzwords in 2013. But what does content marketing consist of and does it really help enterprises grow sales? The Content Marketing Survey report just published by Business Bolts does a great job of summarizing what the trend is all about and how marketers can use content to improve their visibility.

Marketers Increasing Their Focus on Content

Content marketing is set to be one of the buzzwords of 2013. But exactly what constitutes content marketing and how to measure its impact has many industry pros scratching their heads. Before marketers begin to develop their content campaigns, they’ll want to consider the basics.

B2B Content Marketing to Grow

More B2B marketers are turning to content as a marketing tool. Enterprises believe the targeted use of content can help them generate new leads. In working with content, marketers concede they need to polish their skills both on developing material that makes them unique and on proper packaging.

Media Companies to Shape Content and Ads to Fit the Digital Consumer

2012 has not been a great year for magazine publishers as they struggle to find the right balance between print and digital formats. Many industry leaders, including Time, have seen their ad revenues drop significantly. But the new head of that company sees promise in using consumer data to promote better digital ad services to marketers. If she’s right, more magazines could follow suit.

Content Changes on Horizon for B2B Marketers

If a marketing campaign spends too much time promoting an enterprise’s good and services, customers aren’t impressed. One of the biggest challenges facing B2B marketers who are trying to generate demand is linked to content problems. A new survey reveals the current state of content ineffectiveness and opportunities for marketers to improve.

Content Marketing To Become Leading Strategy for B2B Operators

B2B operators typically have a long sales cycle. As such, they face unique challenges in maintaining a long-term relationship with prospective clients. One way to stay connected is to share information in a consultative sales fashion. This practice has given rise to the practice of content marketing.

Social Media, Influence, and Compelling Content

Yesterday, one of my blog posts focused on the difference between being popular and being influential when it comes to social media. Today, I’m returning to Vocus to highlight their in-depth study on “What Makes an Influencer?” Vocus published its study results last month.

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