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Promoting Slow Cookers Through Healthy Eating Desires

"Nutritionists advise preparing more of your meals at home, and for good reason: Doing so raises the nutritional quality of your diet, according to Consumer Reports. Studies have shown that home cooking fans may get more fruits and vegetables and less sodium and unhealthy fats than those who dine out, or do take out, frequently. And they tend to weigh less and have a lower risk of type 2 diabetes, too."

27% Love to Bake in Their Spare Time

Millennials are turning to mobile at every phase of the cooking journey‰ÛÓ deciding what to make, learning how to prepare it, and actually cooking or baking ‰ÛÓ and smart brands are there to help in each micro-moment. 27% said they were likely to be sharing the baking experience with a spouse, friend, or child.