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Why The OTT TV Threat Isn’t As Big As You Think

As consumers spend more time viewing OTT TV, are marketers following? If you’re selling TV media, it’s reasonable to wonder just how much ad money is going to be funneled to the new services and channels that keep popping up.

Now is the Time to Connect with Cord Cutters!

The results from LendEDU's Cost of Cable survey revealed that cord cutters are saving a considerable sum of money after making the decision to snip their cable subscriptions: $115.33 per month to be exact.

16% Consider Themselves Cord Cutters

Cord cutting is all talk, provided consumers can find the shows they want. A new Rovi survey suggests stronger discovery strategies can help providers increase content consumption and boost subscriber satisfaction. The global study aimed to uncover trends in viewer behavior related to discovery, search, and recommendations for entertainment content and programming.

31% of TV Watchers Don't Pay for TV Service

Almost 1/3 of consumers do not have a pay-TV service, according to Blueshift Research Trends Tracker. After 5 months of specifically targeting cable subscriptions and cable cutting, Blueshift broadened its survey question to account for all pay-TV services.