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Cosmetics Retailers to Promote Environmentally Mindful Products

“The evolved beauty consumers of today are more informed, engaged and connected than ever before, reports Nielsen. To them, beauty and wellness are increasingly interchangeable concepts, resulting in a focus on holistic beauty.”

76% of Teens Are Purchasing Lipstick

Pucker up! When it comes to cosmetics, QVC, home to more than 300 beauty brands, knows a thing or two about what women want. In celebration of National Lipstick Day on July 29, the multi-platform retailer surveyed over 500 female customers to learn more about their lipstick habits and preferences.

94 Million People Researched Cosmetic Treatments Last Year

A record 94 million people visited RealSelf, the world’s leading online cosmetic treatments marketplace, to research elective cosmetic treatments in 2017, and laser and energy technologies have played a crucial role in the overall growth of medical aesthetics. Interest in laser and energy device treatments on RealSelf grew 10.5% in 2017, and five of the top 10 most researched minimally invasive categories on RealSelf last year included treatments using a laser or energy device.

Women Gravitating Toward Natural Ingredients in Skincare

Women in the U.S. have become increasingly selective about the ingredients in their facial skincare products over the last two years, according to Women’s Facial Skincare Consumer Report 2017 from global information company The NPD Group. The report found that 40-50 percent actively seek natural or organic ingredients in their products, and those free of ingredients including fragrances, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and gluten.

More Stores Poised to Promote Eyebrow Makeup

A 28% increase in prestige eyebrow makeup dollar sales led the overall growth within total U.S. prestige eye makeup in the 12 months ending March 2014, reports The NPD Group, Inc. This increase is in sharp contrast to the total U.S. prestige makeup market’s 3% growth during the same time period.

“Mixologiste” a Key Beauty Trend for 2014

Blurred lines between beauty technology are becoming increasingly common, with overlaps between skincare, hair care and color cosmetics. Combining the most exciting technology and marketing from more than one category, manufacturers are creating new combinations with new products, packaging, marketing and merchandise. “Mixologiste” is fast becoming the stand-out trend that spans all beauty and personal care categories.

Nail Products are Most Popular Cosmetic Item Among Teens

Teen and tween girls are big business for beauty and personal care manufacturers, and according to new research, nail products are a “must have” item for this demographic. In fact, 92% of girls between the ages of nine and 17-years-old use some sort of nail product—making it the most popular cosmetic item among teen girls.

Use of BB Skincare Cream on the Rise

The cosmetic industry has seen an increase of nearly 50% in BB cream product launches over 2012. BB cream combines cosmetic and skincare benefits. Use of this multifunctional cream is on the rise with 29% of women reporting any use in 2013 compared to 24% in 2012 (5% increase).

Prestive Beauty Sales on the Rise, Bouyed by Nail Care Products

According to new beauty market research, total prestige makeup sales increased by nine percent to $1.4 billion in U.S. department stores year-to-date, January through May 2011. The trends in dramatic eyes, soft lip shades, and bold and bright nail colors all contributed to the growth. The biggest growth in the prestige makeup category came from the smallest segment: the nail care category.

Higher Income Consumers are Thrifty, Will Continue Buying Private Label Cosmetics

Shoppers in higher income brackets can sometimes be thriftier than those with lower incomes. One-third of Mintel respondents (33%) say they are buying store brand/private label cosmetics more now than they did this time last year. According to a recent report from Mintel, 64% of women in the $100K-$149K income bracket plan to continue buying some store brand/private label color cosmetics and some brand name color cosmetics.

Cosmetics & Skincare Market Showing Signs of Improvement

Although consumers purchase color cosmetics and facial skincare in good times and bad, their behavior is directly influenced by the economy. Just over a quarter (27%) of shoppers surveyed say they made replacement purchases in color cosmetics, but avoided “splurge” products in 2010, down from 33% in 2009. Women aged 35-44 (37%) are the most frequent purchasers of color cosmetics, as many are entering their peak earning years and may be particularly concerned about their professional appearance.

Marketers to Shift Promotional Strategies for Beauty Products

One long-held notion has been that a recession ends when women begin spending again on cosmetics and toiletries. Based on rising sales of these products in the past year, the recession may well be behind us. But marketers in some categories are faring better than others and this situation may result in promotional shifts.

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